Mini Countryman

Now this is an interesting car coming from Mini, I have always been a fan of the Mini Cooper but now they have come out with the buggy version which is a little bigger but still compact. The name should have been something else, I think they wanted to stick the Mini in there but they should have came up with something different, Mini Cup, Mini Corner, Mini Courage, maybe something else then Countryman. I love the manual Minis, it feels like these little machines are going to take off and the speed dial in the middle is fantastic.

Its available with two engine versions the normal and the S, 122 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque in the Cooper, or 184 hp and 177 lb-ft in the Cooper S. Then there is that all wheel drive option which I would opt out for it since its more fun as a two wheel drive machine, I always have this image of a mini drifting. This four seater even has a very cool and comfortable looking interior.

Link: Autoblog

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B.R.M Birotor

I have a thing for watches, I always get attracted to the slightly bulky and odd looking watches. There is an art to them, and I have always like the look of BRM watches. I thought they always had this unique mechanical looking design to them. I saw the watch just recently and I tried it on thinking it was nice but the strap was very stiff for a rubber strap. I thought it would be expensive but the price is nothing short of ridiculous, it is unique the quality doesn’t justify the price, maybe the quality of the watch itself it high but not 10x what I thought it would be.

Price:41’500 Euros
link: BRM