3D – Headache


All these companies releasing 3D capable TVs, AV recievers and more. Now Sony, Microsoft, and Wii are talking about 3D games and when they think they will come to market. Some manufacturers are even releasing new 3D TVs without the need for 3D glasses, even after seeing it at a recent expo it did give me a decent headache. Wide spread adoption of 3D TV is going to be harder then adoption of Blu Ray which still hasn’t taken off, they will try pushing it through broadcasting but I still don’t think people will be drawn to it as much as they would like to think. Key anaylists think that porn is the key to the early adoption of 3D TV but lets see how they plan on doing that.

Drawbacks of 3D:

  • It isn’t standardized, meaning that different manufacturers have different ways of presenting TV on your screens. Which means that the 3D glasses that work for your Panasonic screen won’t work for your Samsung screen
  • If your looking at the wrong object on the screen you may still get a little nauseated or develop a headache, so basically you have to know where is the right place to look
  • 3D TV without 3D glasses do give you a headache if your looking at them for too long and it only took me about 5 minutes

“Adult videos will likely be an incentive for consumers to buy a 3-D TV,” says content analyst Yuji Fujimori, at Barclays Capital in Tokyo. “It’s worth paying attention to the move because it’s lack of content that’s hindering expansion.”

Link: Kotaku


I’m always on the look out for high quality A/V equipment and this time around the DVDO Edge is one amazing product. From all the reviews and details of this video processing unit, and the best part is that it takes a load of your A/V reciever. The amount of connections this machine has is ridiculous, for something so thin it packs a punch.

  • 6 HDMI 1.3 A/V Inputs (5 Rear/1 Front)
  • 4 Analog Video Inputs (2 Component/1 S-Video/1 Composite Video)
  • 5 Seperate Audio Inputs (3 Optical/1 Coaxial/1 Stereo Analog)
  • 2 HDMI 1.3 Outputs (1 A/V to be connected to HDTV or A/V Reciever, and 1 Audio HDMI to be connected to receiver)

I like the output solution of the DVDO Edge meaning that the reciever literally just receives the audio while all the video connections are maintained with the DVDO Edge and it outputs your selection to the screen, and directs the audio to the A/V Reciever. The latest reviews say that most of the kinks have been ironed out with the final firmware update, but if you are looking for high quality video then this is your best bet.

Link: Amazon
Link: AnchorBayTech
Price: $680