Azureus Rising

“The story of an unlikely and troubled teen forced from his home planet across the galaxy on an epic journey. Eventually to return reborn as the freedom fighter known as Azureus.”

Simply put this is a badass ninja doing badass things, an unstoppable future ninja taking everyone and everything out of his way. To think that this is only a short feature film from of the shelf software is amazing, from the team “Black Sun Entertainment”. After watching it I wish that his a full feature length movie, now that would be cool.

192 GB and counting

I’m on a ridiculous downloading spree, I have spent weeks reorganizing my files and moving things around. Now that I do have some I plan to take full advantage of it. Very soon I shall have one combined network with a load balancer and link aggregator, so I just have to set the policies of the network device and I am good to go.

I am downloading a total of 192 GB right now, and its a combination of 720 p Movies and full anime series that I am missing or looking for. The list can grow a lot faster, but I just want to see how long this will take for my connection to digest, my top speed is 480 Kbps that I have seen but we shall see what happens when I combine the networks. The more space, the more downloads, and the cycle continues.