GULFRUN – Fun On The Track

Watching this video makes me want to go outside and race someone, seriously it gets my blood pumping and is a hell of a lot of fun. I can’t wait until GulfRun in Jan, nothing left, it’s around the corner. As usual the car show is in 360 Mall which is going to be a lot of fun.

NegativEffect On SpeedHunters

Our friend Abdulla at NegativEffect has just been featured in an amazing online site, SpeedHunters. Recenlty at the Bahrain International Circuit the guys went for a track guy and came across something they weren’t expecting. They saw the Toyota Ex-F1 Team testing Formula 1 Tires for Pirelli which was an amazing experience since they were telling them what they do, and explaining them the details of the car. Toyota pulled out of F1 but they are using their F1 team for consultancy services, and this one was contracted out to Pirelli. Abdulla took amazing pictures that you can find on his blog and turns out that he wasn’t the only one that thought his photographs were amazing, SpeedHunters posted about it as well and you can see the link below. I keep nagging him for more photographs because he does an amazing job.

Link: SpeedHunters
Link: NegativEffect

GulfRun 6 – It Has Begun!

After seeing the announcement on Marks blog last night I knew that there is a lot to look forward to for GulfRun. This year I want to be a little bit more prepared for it then last year and I know a lot of people area geared up to go. I’m not sure what to expect but I know its going to be good. A lot of people are getting ready for the track, they have been asking about the dates for a while now but at last they are set and I can plan around it. Now to order some car parts before the year end and get it installed. Above are my favorite pics from the GulfRun 5 Car Show, you can check them out at the recently updated GulfRun website.

These are some of my favorite pictures, that kid looks like he is the King of all the cars and the guys below checking out their times at the track.

Now the dates are set and we have a target ahead of us. Now the website has all the pics and all the racing results from past years, too bad I never get up there!

Link: GulfRun

Back from GulfRun


I think that I’m out of breath from all that has happened in GulfRun, I got really busy with it last week. I didn’t even have a chance to check my emails over a week or anything online, and I was immersed with all that is GulfRun and I loved every moment of it. So much was going on during the day, going out at night and passing out exhausted and waking up early in the morning.

So many ridiculous machines and excellent drivers with lots of surprises, I think this is probably the best year I have seen with so many people. Lots of people came on Thursday but on Friday the whole area was packed full of people, kids, families, friends, and so many people just walking in. I loved going to Aadliyah at night to go get a bite to eat with all my friends, I have been driving around Bahrain enough that I have figured out most of it but the internals of Manama get me all messed up and if you get caught in traffic there is no way out, you are just going to have to wait it out.

We stayed at the Banyan Tree which was fantastic, just 5 minutes from the track and very relaxing and as usual our villa was over flowing. The villa limit was at four people but we went more then double that and we couldn’t stop laughing. The weather went really cold by Wednesday which is surprising but good for all those who had turbos. The amazing event was the drifting for me, seeing some of those drivers going nuts was fantastic, especially the ISF and the Z4M. The 995 Gemballa did an amazing job as well, so many surprises this year.

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GulfRun 5 – Trailer


The more I see these videos the more hyped up I get about GulfRun 5, I want to get on the track right away. I remember those pits, the garages, those turns, I can’t wait to get on the track. GulfRun 5 seems to have changed a bit to a 3 day event in Bahrain not including the Car Show taking place in 360 Mall on the 15th & 16th of January. The Car Wash is taking place on the 14th of January @ Al Falah Car Wash.

There are still details we aren’t aware of for the track and the car show, things are still quiet and now we know the sponsors for GulfRun 5. Its great that companies such as these support GulfRun, some are new and some keep supporting them year after year. I think I’m getting too excited even thought its a month away, I’m still waiting for the spare parts to arrive.


  • Wataniya Telecom

Platinum Sponsors

  • Agility
  • Consolidated Construction Co.
  • Dent Xpress
  • Wataniya Airways

Gold Sponsors

  • Al Sawan Travel
  • Slider Station

Bahrain International Circuit & GulfRun

This is the second year for me to participate in GulfRun as well as the Bahrain International Circuit. This time around there were more cars, but also more events on the track. I’m going to post another post about the track days with all the pictures, for now these are the pictures from the track photographers.

One thing is for sure Bahrainis are the nicest people and great to have fun with. They really are easy going and very helpful, I don’t know Bahrain that well but whenever I asked for directions a lot of people went out of their way to help out (since my GPS unit was stolen by the owner of the black Mitsubishi Evolution).

There are a lot of nice restaurants in an Area called Aadliya which I kept messing up the pronunciation. It also seems that cops in Bahrain are tightening the belt so we were taking it easy on the roads. The best part about the whole trip is that we were staying at the Banyan Tree which is 5 – 10 mins from the track, its funny waking up in the morning and seeing all the drivers having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There was a nice camaraderie between all the drivers and people, and I did get to meet some really nice people, and that honestly is the best part of the whole GulfRun event.

Link: BIC

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Finally Back from GulfRun

GulfRun was nothing short of fantastic this year, it got bigger and better from last year. There was lots of support from all the sponsors such as Al Fahad Travel, Agility, Magic, Huberoptic, EggHead Electronics, and Slider Station. Then there was the track support from Pirelli, Porsche and Ferrari which was fantastic, it felt like we had an F1 support team for all technical issues even when are just driving and racing for pleasure. There is a lot to post about and I was happy there was a huge turnout of people coming to check out GulfRun 4 from Kuwait and Bahrain. At one point I was a taxi taking people out on the track and pretty much letting loose, and I was very happy that my car made a huge improvement over last year but I will be posting up pictures very soon.

Link: Flickr