Wire Transfers

Just one those simple things that get very complicated when you don’t need it to be. I have come to know that in reality the bank only needs an account number and a routing number or swift code of the bank to make a transfer, the rest is all gibberish. When you see all these movies and money transfers taking place, they happen with the click of a button, money is here then there. I don’t really understand why it takes three to five days for a wire transfer to go through, I’m not a finance guy I’m just annoyed that it isn’t instant, the money instantly disappears from your account but not showing up in the other is annoying. And if you say you want to pay the fees of the transfer for the receiver, they always charge them some fee which is a farce.

Review: The International

There is a lot more going on with this IBBC then you can see on the surface, the IBBC is a major International Bank providing financial services and brokering deals for countries and organizations. Clive Owen is Louis Salinger and he has been after the IBBC for years but he has faced obstacle after obstacle with witnesses being killed and the case being stonewalled. It’s an action passed movie with so many conspiracies tied together, a great movie with Clive Owen doing a superb job.

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