Baskin Robins – Delivery


Now this turned out to be an interesting conversation, we felt like Baskin Robbins ice cream since there was no Coldstone in the vicinity. We decided to call the 1800 number instead of driving there. I called the phone and an Egyptian man at the call center answered, I asked for Chocolate Chip and he said its not a flavor they have, then I asked for Prailins and Cream, then he said that isn’t a flavor they have, then I asked for Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream, and he says they have Straberry Ice Cream. I asked him if this was this was Baskin Robbins and he said it is, so I said thank you but I will driver over there.

I thought I was out of my mind, but when I got to the Baskin Robbins I was correct with all my flavor choices. Then the Philipino guys at Baskin Robbins complained about the Egyptian call center, they don’t know the flavors and confuse the customers. Turns out the since Baskin Robins is part of Americana they put them under the same rule of Egyptian thumb, they have an overwhelming amount of Egyptians working for them in all their fast food franchises so its no surprise they are in the call center but they have no clue about the product. What surprises me is that they have Philipinos at most Baskin Robins, I honestly prefer Philipinos as they are very friendly and always give good service. So I wasn’t mixed up about the flavors but it seems I was talking to a guy who had no clue about the flavors.

Baskin Robins

Every once in a while I get this urge to have ice cream and this time during this strange weather I felt like some ice cream and sitting in front of the TV. I went thinking of Chocolate Chip, but I was surprised to see they had Orange Sherbert since its a flavor they don’t have all the time.

List of Favorites

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Orange Sherbert
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake
  • Rainbow Sherbert

A Light Bite

Well I consider it a light bite, I was sort of hungry but I had a very late lunch. I was craving ice cream so I went and got me some 31 Baskin Robins. It was one the best 4 scoops of Chocolate Chip I have had in a long time. I was watching some Star Trek Enterprise while eating these scoops, and they just disappeared once I was done with the show and it was really good. Ice cream isn’t the healthiest thing at the end of the night but it felt damn good!

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