Do.Re.Mi Shower Heads

This three-showerhead shower is a contemporary, eco-friendly design by architect Paolo Bertarelli that seems perfect for your modern bachelor pad. The shower has three functions: rain, whirlpool and full dual blow.

I am one those people that love showers, the first thing I check whenever I walk into a new hotel is check their showers. And recently I have been doing some minor remodling and shower heads can get very expensive from 200 KD up to 1500 KD, just for the shower head at Art Casa in Sun City. Now this set looks very interesting, the right kind of pressure for a comfortable shower. I prefer using the shower head then the shower hand, it just feels more comfortable. Now I wonder how much these shower heads would cost.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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FCUK Bodywash

I’m a simple creature of habit, especially when it has to do with these types of items. If I find something that I am comfortable with I will stick to it completely. I found FCUK make bathroom items for men for a while now and I have to say that I am happy with their product line, I get really annoyed with changes but thats what I am facing with Boots Kuwait and FCUK. FCUK are making some product changes, but Boots seem to be struggling in Kuwait so they change their products very often. I remember when they first opened it was a huge wall of mens products and over time it has shrunk to a few shelves shoved to the side. Now they have recently changed their product line for FCUK and I picked up the three variations, all seems pretty good, the thinner one is better for travel but the shorter and bulkier one smells nicer so I went with the shorter one. Men are simple, if they like something they stick it out, quit changing the product lines.

Slightly Cold Shower

There is one thing that I do enjoy in the morning more then sleeping and that is a really hot shower. I think that because its warm or hot that I spend a little bit more time there, not wanting to be cold. There is a calming feeling with that hot shower, you come out feeling less pain in your joints and refreshed. To my luck the boiler decided to stop working, and there isn’t any real indication of that. I get the shower and its warm, but not as hot as I like it, didn’t bother me that much. Two minutes into the shower the water turns ice cold and I receive the strangest shock to my system. It felt like a freezer burn, I froze up a bit, checked the levers which indicated hot and turned it hotter with no results. I had to continue the shower to clean off the shower gel and it was a unique experience, I felt so cold at one point that I felt my head spin. Wrapping myself up in a big towel once I was done did wonders for me to regain my balance, cold showers is only good after a work out but not that cold.