Blogging Dead? Maybe..


Lets just say I have been very lazy to update this and I have been just updating a few things on other platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, SnapChat, and keeping it simple. Kuwait is an interesting country in terms of social media, for a small country we are active on a very large scale that companies take notice like SnapChat for instance and the amount of usage on Instagram. Business and people have become extremely successful and some too commercial for my tastes on the different types of media.

In Kuwait people kept changing the different types of social media and I can follow but honestly can’t keep up because it does take a lot of effort and time. I used to blog a lot when time was a luxury I had so I could get my thoughts and ideas out in a constructive manner. Now time is a limited commodity and I have a lot of things that I want to do, and honestly speaking I would rather spend my time living then living online.

I get these moments when I feel like writing something out but then I just don’t get to the keyboard. Putting a well crafted post together takes effort and time, and I don’t have as much time and I got used to not putting too much effort as I used to. 2015 went by without a post so I will try posting every once in a while, and in this case its going to be put out right away keeping it short and simple.

Formats like Instagram and SnapChat made me lazy to post up anything on the blog since the other formats were so simple. In my case I will do what I enjoy, and for those who follow great. I don’t even know if anyone is still seeing this, but I will post up whatever comes to mind.

Google Reader – Officially Being Killed Off By Google


I know that Google tends to shut down services that aren’t used by people much, but Google Reader! Seriously, I live off of that, and so many apps depend on that, we have until July 1st to use Google Take Out and import our RSS Feeds to other RSS Readers. But at least there are options, cloud based would help if you tend to use your RSS Reader from multiple locations like myself, and Desktop based if only from one or two machines, but then comes the problem of syncing for Desktop Feeders, they are still all linked to Google Reader, so how will they sync between each other. I know the desktop based solutions below sync with Google Reader, I’m not sure how they will sync across from each other.

Your options:

  • Feedly
  • NetVibes
  • NewsBlur
  • Android – GReader – The Best For Android
  • Mac – Reeder – Very Clean
  • Winwdows 8 & Windows 8 Phone – NextGen Reader – The Best for that Platform

No matter what other options there are I can’t believe they are doing this, it’s such a good and simple product, to me I depend on it to get through all my feeds and keep tabs on all the websites I follow and there are a lot and to sync between all my feeds is going to be very annoying.

I remember when they cancelled Google Buzz, fine I can understand that, and that collaboration tool that people didn’t know how to use. But Google Reader! Come on Google, just give us this one and let us keep it. Any thoughts people on this? How dependent are you on Google Reader, I know a lot of people don’t read blogs or certain websites as much as they used to but I didn’t think they stopped using Google Reader! Opinions people!

Kuwait Blogs Suck

Ok someone called me and told me to check this blog and I thought it was hilarious. A man or woman is criticizing blogs, and in this case I think its a man, and I was one of the targets and honestly I found the post to be hilarious. It’s been a while since we have had a blog that roughs up the water and takes shot at people, some are ligitimate and some are not. In my case I’m getting called out for my reviews: “zdistrict’s Reviews Mean Nothing

Honestly I just love movies so much and I’m easily entertained, I take movies for what they are entertainment, some suck and some are fun, and the ones that really suck I don’t even bother writing a review about them. But he does have a valid point, some times I need to write about these crappy movies too but then again I just don’t bother with them. Still a funny post by KuwaitBlogsSuck!

You can check out this blog here: KuwaitBlogsSuck

Hahaha Mark got called out too, but his were on his pictures. Seriously this blog might be offensive to some people but some parts are pretty funny even if the facts aren’t completely true. This is going to be interesting, you have to love a bit of contreversy.

BITLY – Refreshed

Since jumping on to Twitter I started using the URL Shortening Services of BITLY just because it gives you some stats and easily integrates into twitter. That was pretty simple and straight forward, as of a few weeks ago they went ahead and refreshed their whole site with the same functionality but displayed in a better way. Now you can really track what is going on with your links and when they are getting clicking with the information being provided to you graphically as well as numerically.

The picture above displays the number of times your links were linked and the stats for the past 7 days. And you can keep going back for all the links you have used before, that is pretty useful to know what is going on with the links. Then below is something totally different then what I’m used to, the total number of clicks on links for the past month, which ones were direct links, and which ones were referrals. Then you have clicker based on location which is pretty cool. Overall I always liked Bitly because it was useful and now I love it even more for presenting this treasure of information in such a simple way.

Link: Bitly

Companies & Social Media In Kuwait

Over the last year and half a lot of companies and specifically telecom companies have gotten heavily into all types of social media. They are active on blogs, in events, facebook, and twitter and other platforms that they can expand on. A few have even hired services from The Marketing Heaven to boost their social signals online using legal methods. I’m honestly proud that these companies see the value of social media in Kuwait and its strength, we are ahead in the region on this aspect and we keep moving forward which is a good thing.

It feels like more companies are taking social responsibility and they are giving people more direct access to them and it helps resolve issues. Also it does expose them to more criticism which most companies don’t like, and there are those who don’t care at all. Now a lot of companies, especially the Telecom companies have been sponsoring blogs which is a good step, it supports the community and it gives them an air of legitimacy. But then also brought another creature to evolve which are the Blogs For Cash movement, they make blogs just to sell off ad space and make money, and usually they don’t last too long or their content is crap but still they keep popping up.

Now Telcos are getting more and more involved with lots of events, I keep seeing people post about them and I do get invited but 99% of the time I don’t have time to go and other 1% I would rather do other things. They are handing out iPhones like they are candy and pretty much the next hot item, which is great and good for people to review and experience their service. But recently a lot of these gifts and sponsorship come with strings, string that I for one would never accept. At this point they tell you can talk about their competitor, you can’t attend their events, and you can’t really bad mouth their products. When the money comes with strings such as those I wouldn’t want it no matter how much they are offering. Whats funny is that recently I have noticed blogs which are Team Zain, or Team Wataniya, or Team Viva some keep trying to buy out the other. In reality it isn’t a bad thing but when they interfere with the content to this degree its unacceptable and its a very bad path they are choosing, some still don’t apply it but some companies are. At the end it is the choice of the blog to make the decision of which sponsor they would like on board.

Lacking In Skill


One of the things that I always wanted to learn is how to edit videos and put something decent together. I always admire quality video work and I always wonder how they did together and the team that put it together and the equipment. Sometimes I come to the realization that I should just try it, I planned so much and even thought about buying Final Cut Pro, I was really really wrong! I got a lot of equipment that I use for photography and I use a lot of it, and recently I had the courage to try to put together a video together from all the footage I had. I use my Canon 7D for all my video footage and Go Pros or Flips for tight spaces, I have a storyboard or image in mind, I can even describe how I want it to together but I do not have the technical skills to do it, I wanted to rectify that and gain those skills. Since this time around I thought to myself that I had no expectations and I had the right tools in mind to try it out easy with iMovie. I spent the first two hours trying to figure things out and then another out trying to figure out how to transition, I was going nuts, it was taking too long to do something my head thought it was too easy.

Bloggers That Have Made Amazing Videos:

I really need to take a few lessons from these guys! I respected the work they did and now I respect them even more, I have managed to make some headway but I’m going to take it easy and figure this out. It is very time consuming but the end result will be worth it once I get it all together and get the perfect clip. Hopefully I will keep learning and getting better footage and better ideas together. Right now I’m going to stick to the simpler editor before going to something more complex.

The UnFollowing Phenomenom


I only recently joined Twitter in April of 2011, a late baby boomer. And when I joined I felt lost in this huge realm of information not knowing what the hell was going on. But within a few months I figured out my way about and honestly I’m loving it. Different then the blog and you get to interact with people right away and get information quickly if you need it. Its like a burst of energy for me, and to me its an addition to what I do online. I do love blogging and I love what Twitter has introduced, and nobody can deny that it is a huge phenomenon in the region but I for one am enjoying it yet not taking things too seriously. A surprising thing that I heard recently is that we make up a small percentage of twitter but the more interesting part is that Kuwait makes up almost 20% of the activity of twitter in the region even though we are so little in comparison.

Now with all of this a lot of people use twitter for different reasons and in my opinion some people take it so seriously. I recently found a way to see who follows and unfollows me and I find it very interesting especially these bots that keep on following and unfollowing, and also people who unfollow, and thats about it for my interest. I recently had friend unfollow me and I called him up and told him that I caught him and laughed, he said he didn’t expect me to see that I did, he was somewhat embarrassed. I told him who cares I just found it funny and I was surprised that he didn’t unfollow, he said I tweeted too much! I just started laughing, but I realized that a lot of people really get insulted when you unfollow them when reality its nothing at all. Seriously with life online or offline people need to have thicker skin, this craze started with Facebook friend and unfriending, and now with the unfollow and follow, come on don’t take things too seriously.


Viva Online Marketing

Recently Viva have been tackling more and more online marketing, pretty much all of the telecom companies are seeing the value of social networking and blogs in Kuwait and its a very nice thing the Big Three are doing. Recently over the past year Viva seemed to be aggressive about gaining online coverage getting more and more blogs but what I find to be restrictive about their sponsorship. If you are sponsored by Viva you can’t cover any social networking event by the other telecom companies, and you can’t cover new product details of the other company. This is when I think that advertising isn’t worth it when there are restrictions of these kinds attached to it.

Update: Wataniya & Zain do not have that policy, they are fairer in the way they do business.

The Blogs Of 2011


Halfway through 2011 already, time really flies by and this summer just keeps getting hotter. Lots of things to do outdoors as well as indoors, and during that time I’m always browsing the blogs. Recently there have been some very cool blogs popping up as well as the ones who just cover so much in Kuwait. This is the list that I keep checking every few days, always something exciting to read and enjoy. I’m sure there are ALOT of blogs out there that I have missed but right now these are the ones I’m checking.

p0ach – On top of everything like usual
7adjiDude – Two guys One Girl! A variety of interests and fun to check out!
360Dewan – Love what these guys do!
His&Hers – Husband and Wife Duo! Posting Fun things!
Qurtoba – Always on top of things! And love the interviews!
Kuwaitiful – Gadgets! Coverage! Openings and More!
Kal01 – The Japanese Addict – Otaku – Anime, Models, and Any Aspect of Japan!
Tid Bit Dujour – Design and Tips of all Kinds! Enjoy what they do!
Jacqui – The Apple Gadget Freak!
Frankom – Old is Gold! Always something interesting to read
Ansam518 – Interviews, Food and more!
Mark – On top of things

Ansam518 New Move


As many know Ansam518 doesn’t need any introduction, she has been around for a long time and featured in many places, magazines, even on tv. At last she has moved to her own domain after 5 years. I really like the new design much more then the older one, it cleans and the pictures are big. Her food posts always make me hungry and there are a lot of them. Check out her new place at the link below.

Link: Ansam518