Review: Blood C

Saya is a seemingly normal girl living with her father in a shrine. During the day she goes to school and spends time with her friends at a local cafe. But when night falls Saya is called upon to protect her village from strange monsters.

Going into Blood C I thought it was going to be sort of like Blood Trinity, vampires and fighting with a lot of battles. But it didn’t turn out that way, it revolved around Saya fighting these monsters and protecting her family and friends. At first the anime started off a bit slow, I wanted to see what it would bring, there was something hidden and honestly I couldn’t tell exactly where the story was going and I had my suspicions but for a 12 episode show it could have been a lot better. There is too much wasted story and the ending honestly was over the top, the last two episodes put everything together and it was totally unexpected and good but it made the first initial episodes look like crap. This anime was honestly confusing it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad, and the graphics was pretty good, and I was surprised how graphically violent the anime was, it was extreme more then I expected from this show. I was planning to give it a 2.5 out of 5 but because of the last few episodes I’m giving it a 3.5 out of 5, still slightly confused but still I liked it.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork

Shoei Qwest Blood Flow

I have always been a user of Arai and a fan of Shoei, usually people start off with one or the other in the motorcycle world. In my case I started off with Arai since 2001 and never looked back. Over the years I understood what companies did and at the top Shoei is one of the best with Arai. With that I picked up a Shoei a few months ago and got this Qwest Blood Flow, the Qwest is the sport touring line, not the super sport line but I loved the design and couldn’t resist the helmet. I love that its fully Matte Black and Matt Red, and it luckily matches the color of my Diavel.


  • Comfortable
  • Amazing Design, Love the Matte Black and Matte Red
  • Decent Price
  • Great Protection
  • Decent Airflow But Could Be Better
  • Looks Good With Tinted Glass


  • The Lining Could Be A Bit Better
  • A Bit More Air Flow


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Ride 2 Save – Annual Ride


This is the second year running for the Ride 2 Save event brought by Dar Al Shifaa & BMW Motorcycle Club. We went last year to the event with over 150 riders of different kinds donating blood and saving many lives. I know that I will be attending the event as last year, hopefully even more riders will show up. Donating blood is a very important issue in Kuwait as not every blood type is readily available and many lives depend on the availability of blood at the blood bank. I hope many people join this event this coming Friday, and looking for a big turnout.

Date: Friday 20th November
Meeting: SHIIK Resort parking On Gulf Rd Bedi3

  • 2.30 pm Start of Registration & Blood Test
  • 4:00 pm police escort from the resort To Hospital

The Thalassemia group also will be there to welcome all bikers and thank them for saving their lives by donating blood @ Dar Alshifa hospital all donors will donate from 4.30 to 7.00 pm and Beverages will be served @ Parking of SHIIK then the same @ Dar Alshifa Hospital

Review: Zombieland

A gun trotting Woody Harrelson in a land filled with zombies, what more can you ask for in a movie. I knew from the moment I saw the cover of this movie that I had to see it, and its as gory as you expect it to be and Woody Harrelson plays the funniest cowboy redneck character with a gun killing zombies for fun. Then there are the other characters who make it just as funny, even with all that gore I was laughing my head off. Just the exact type of movie you would expect right from the name, you won’t be disappointed.

Link: IMDB

Bouhamra Clinic

Its a little while since I went for a check up, at least some blood work to see whats going with me. So I decided to go to BuHamra Clinic just off of fourth ring road while entering Salmiya. I was going for a full check of everything you can think off that would can be made from a blood and urine sample. The whole thing didn’t take more then 45 minutes with the preliminary results. Overall everything turned out to be good, I thought my cholesterol might be off the charts due to eating so much meat but it wasn’t bad, and my iron level was a little on the high side but thats better then being on the low side. The Clinic is owned by Dr. Mohammed Buhamra who is a famous dermatologist, but this was just a check up so I didn’t need to see him. Some tests will be sent to Paris and the results will be out in about 8 days and then I won’t have to do another check up in a while. At least my blood test doesn’t seem I’m overweight, it says I’m in pretty good health.

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Ride to Sav3 Event

Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club will hold the first Ride-to-Sav3 drive on Saturday 15th November, starting 3pm.

Bikers from the club and other fellow bikers (BMW motorcycles, Ducatis, Harleys) will drive from the Green Island to Dar Al Shifa Hospital to donate blood. The convoy of bikers marks the support towards the importance of donating blood.

This event is taking place this Saturday and everyone is encouraged to participate. Tristar motorcycles sent out text messages to its customers and I got the email above. I will hopefully be riding during this time and so will a few other people. Its for a really good cause and I think its important for people to give blood, there has been situation when people do need blood that I know off and they have asked for people to donate. Hopefully there will be a big turn out for this event.