Cooling Down

Last year it didn’t get cool in Kuwait until the end of November, and now things are cooling off towards the end of October which is fantastic. I have been riding when ever I can for the past few days, and I’m certainly not getting enough and now your seeing all these riders when ever the sun is going down. As long as I am on the move I’m enjoying the cool breeze by the seaside but it gets a little warm when stopped at a light for too long. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden and I just love it when I’m on the bike.

I took my bikes to Tristar service and when they were brought back everything was perfect. I got on the BMW last week, started it up to get warmed up but when I got back there was a puddle under the bikes, turned out to be a gasoline puddle. I quickly switched off the bike and called Tristar, so the next morning they took the bike and turns out the fuel pump cracked due to the dry heat and use over the years. They replaced the unit under the “Good Will” Warranty which is fantastic since my bike has been out of warranty for two years now. As soon as I got it back I took it out for one hell of a rough ride, I tried riding calmly but I was kidding myself, I was like a kid with his new toy, flying all over the place when I could. Nothing beats riding.

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Friday – Breakfast Ride

Getting up early in the morning isn’t too hard when the weather is this nice and sunny outside, it was perfectly chilly. Showered and went down, got my leather jacket out and ready to go, warmed up the beemer for the ride, Robo was ready to go. I have been enjoying riding Robo a lot recently, I have missed this beast and he is one hell of a beast, a scary mechanical brute who can destroy all at will. All my bikes have personalities in my head and Robo in this case has the soul of Iron Hide from Transformers, ready to fight, shoot first and ask questions later.

We took an easy route by the sea side then heading to the free zone, and I was just enjoying the brute force of this machine. Monichum was enjoying the joyride we were taking, every corner was an adventure, from turn to turn, the best part is how empty the roads were, and then head to the free zone for a few shots. After we were done we met up with the guys at Prime & Toast, pretty much we were the first and got the seats together before the other lazy guys got up and came over.

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Clutch Issue

I called up Tristar around 5 pm to tell them about the problem I was having with Robo, something was most probably wrong with the clutch. I was loosing pressure at the clutch so I wasn’t sure what was going on, but something was not working right. I missed riding Robo so I was annoyed that everything wasn’t in perfect running condition.

They said they would pick up the bike next morning to take to the shop, and see what is going on. I thought that would be fine, I would have my bike back in a day or two. Around 5:45pm I get call from the Tristar driver who was at the door of my house here to pick up Robo. Instead of the morning he arrived in less then one hour to my house which is great. They took the bike and I was just hoping to have the machine fixed as soon as possible. Then the next day around 1 pm I get a call telling me they fixed my bike and it is on its way to be delivered to my home, I don’t think there is anything possible they could have done better. The part was replaced under warranty, it was fixed in less then 24 hours and I will be able to ride Robo as he was before.

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At Dusk

I haven’t been out on Robo for some time now, and around 6:20 pm I felt like going for a ride. It was still a bit sunny and not too warm, with dust clearing up. I knew that their might be some kinks in the K1200R, any time I park it for some time I know the clutch is going to be a little bit off. I started the bike, let it warm up for about 10 minutes. Got my gear on and went out, I wanted to drive down wide open spaces and enjoy myself.

As I was riding the gear felt a little stiff, and I knew it wasn’t the gear box since they just changed the gear box completely. I was having the same issue where it would get really stiff after a long ride and that would make it really difficult to change gears. That really knocked my confidence down when I was going around the corners because I couldn’t have it the gear I wanted around the corner. It got a little better after riding, and I was enjoying myself since I was getting some cool breeze. After some time the gear box would be stiff again so I took Robo back home and parked. I did enjoy riding but not as much as I would have liked, it was a nice change of pace. I’m going to look for a small tripod that I can carry with me so that I can take some decent night pictures, I had some nicer shots but the blur is just driving me nuts.

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