Waterstones Visit in London

At the beginning of July I had a quick business trip to London and one of the usual stops other then the Harrods Pizzeria is the Waterstones bookstore in Piccadly. There is always something different about bookstores, there is a personal touch and you get introduced to books that you would never think of taking a look at online.

The best part of the bookstore are the personal reviews of the staffers, a lot of these people work there because they like it and they give you a personal opinion on these books. It gives me a chance to checkout books that I would never think of picking up and that is how I discovered a few of my favorites authors.

A usual my favorite section is the Fantasy & Science Fiction section on the first floor but I decided to check out all the other sections before heading there so I start from the Fifth Floor and clear each floor before heading to the next one. Usually I end up spending about 15 mins per section, and then about two hours in the Fantasy & Science Fiction section. This time around there were more Vampire & Zombie books then usual and I picked up a few that seemed interesting, I chose a few different books and the usual. I said I would only get two books but ended up getting five with me.

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The Kinokuniya Bookstore Dubai

I kept hearing rumors about this bookstores, whispers from different people about its size. I went to Dubai Mall for the main purpose of visiting this bookstore, and after walking around for about 15 minutes and making a quick stop at the aquarium, we found it on the second floor towards the back end.

Kinokuniya is about the biggest bookstore I have ever seen, there is no end to this bookstore. If you have any inclination towards books then you MUST visit this bookstore. They also have the most organized magazine section I have ever seen in my life, and a very large selection of magazines, very easily navigated, you can find what your looking for since they are organized by interest.

Now for the different sections, as many know Kinkuniya is a Japanese chain which has locations in different locations in the world. The best part is since they are from a Japanese company they have a large manga section which I spent over an hour there, and then there were some statues/models which are on sale and some had reasonable prices, but the Ironman model that I was looking at was over 150 KD so I wasn’t to keen about the price, but the display is just amazing for all the different models.

I am a man of very different tastes for books, I like all kinds but not all kinds of books. I like Crime Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, Biographies, Comic Relief, Economic, Business, and a few others. Basically what ever grabs my interest while I’m reading at the bookstore. Some books just seem so dull, and some are amazing. When I walked into the bookstore I couldn’t help but walk out with so many different books. All the different sections of books were ample in size and very easy to navigate, I bought some books that I have seen before but didn’t bother reading. There aren’t any couches that I remember but I just read in the sections. So many books, so many choices, we literally spent over three hours there before we started feeling hungry and that wasn’t enough.

Then there was the security who were hounding me, I was literally running around the place dodging these guys and taking pictures. Since I’m a paying customer I’m going to take some damn pictures. What is it about these places that they wouldn’t want you taking pictures, I don’t understand the mentality behind it, but it never really has stopped me. I just put the camera down and start taking pictures at odd angles with the camera. All I can say is that every person should visit this bookstore, I know that I will be going as much as possible when I will be in Dubai.

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