Bose Quiet Comfort 20


You can say what you want about Bose, but they are the kings of sound, different headphones have different effects depending on what you want out of it. Some people swear by Beats or Sennheiser and they are excellent products but from my experience Bose always tops the list. I have the in-ear Triport headphones which I live by them when I ride, and I have the the Quiet Comfort 15 which are the best to use when flying, and the battery is fantastic on them. Bose maybe mainstream, but their products are quality products and speak for themselves.


The Bose QC20 is Bose’s first-ever noise-cancelling earbuds from Bose, there have been other, but I think that Bose would have taken their time to do this and get it right. It’s price at $299 and set for release on the 1st of August and I for one will be purchasing it right away without a second thought, the QC 15 are amazing, but sometimes bulky to carry around. It comes into variations, the QC20 and QC20i, the QC20 is for Blackbbery, Android, and Windows, while the QC20i is for all Apple products, they have different reactions to the answer button.


Acoustic Noise Cancelling Technology in in a small device. There is also an “Aware” mode lets you hear what’s around you when listening to music, which is pretty intuitive when using this device, so you won’t feel like you are in a silent room. You still have to have some sort of controlling device to use it but I can live with that.

Link: Bose


Review: Bose Bluetooth Headset

I am one of those people that tend to talk and drive a lot, and I really hate in car bluetooth systems because they interrupt the music when it rings and that drives me nuts. So I have turned back to bluetooth headphones, I tried a few different ones over the years, the Jabra BT250 was my favorite back in the day, but looks like aliens attached something to the back of your ear. I didn’t car because it was comfortable, people could hear me, and it was loud enough but over the years I couldn’t find out that fit that worked just as well and they stopped making them. The jawbone was pretty good but it just didn’t fit my ear very well. Then Bose came out their own bluetooth headset, at long last they have adapted their amazing sound technology to a bluetooth headset. The moment I saw it available forsale I purchased and I never regreted it, now I feel weird talking on the phone and holding the phone. Even when I’m at home walking around, my phone is in my pocket and I’m using the headset.


  • Crip Sound, very clear and loud(The other end can’t tell its a head set). You can’t hear the background
  • It only weighs 136 grams which is very light, and you don’t feel it while you are wearing it
  • It fits comfortably in your ear, same as the tri-port head phones
  • Works with bluetooth enabled devices to stream music to them, so you can listen to your iTunes
  • Very simple to use and intuitive, not a confusing headset
  • Battery lasts for about two days with heavy usage which is pretty good
  • Charges via micro-usb so its the same as the Blackberry and Android, so you don’t need a spare charger


  • A bit on the expensive side but worth it since quality built headset from Bose
  • You can only use it on your right ear

Overall this is an excellent bluetooth headset, Bose have really done their homework when putting this product together, they knew what people wanted. If you don’t mind it being only a right side bluetooth then I highly recommend it to anyone, it 4.5 out 5 because of price but its an excellent product and does exactly what it promises.

Price: $149
Link: Amazon

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Bose Bluetooth Headset

Now this is a product I wasn’t expecting from Bose, but I am happy that they came up with it. I have known Bose to make high quality headphones so it seems to me that they might make som very good Bluetooth Headsets, and in this case it seems that the test has proven the quality of them. I have added it to my Amazon Cart after reading the review with the details of the quality and easy of use with these headsets. Based on this statement “The audio quality is superb: clear, sharp and concise” I want this headset.

It also comes with the company’s, relatively, new StayHear tips, which also come with its current range of in-ear buds. The headset also has an easy to reach on/off slider, plus volume and call buttons, and a USB port allowing it to be charged via a laptop, computer or the supplied dedicated plug adaptor.

Link: PocketLint

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Bose Tri-port Headphone Tips

I have been using these headphones for a while now and they have been working great. They keep out the sound of the annoying safety videos on planes while flying, I can hear clearly on the motorcycle, they don’t irritate the ears after riding some time and you can clearly hear a nice solid base in the head phones. The one annoying part is the tips, when ever I pull them out o my pocket or out of bag there is always a possibility that tip might fall off and this time I ran out of extra tips. I went onto ebay to find some headphone tips, they sell them in bunches so I bought 10 pieces of the medium size for $11 from a supplier in Hong Kong since their weren’t that many other choices, I’m just hoping that they are the same quality and fit, I’m worried they might be fake or might cause irritation at a later point but I really like these headphones so hopefully this will solve my problem of losing those tips.

Review: Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones

I am always on the lookout for a good set of affordable bluetooth headphones that can fit comfortably in my ear. The main points for me are sound clarity, bass, and how they fit with a helmet on.

After a few reviews I checked out the Bose Triport In-Ear Headphopnes, the latest ones were revamped due to a few problems with the original release. I have found these headphones to be great, very good quality sound, fits perfectly in my ear and there are three sizes to the fitment (S, M, L). There is some decent bass from headphones this size, it isn’t something huge but you can clearly hear it and its perfect when riding. I tried it when I was riding the R1 with its loud pipes and I could hear my music clearly.


  • Very good clear Sound (Updated Headphones)
  • Good Bass
  • Easy fit in my ear (S,M,L)
  • Highquality wire, doesn’t look like its going to cut easily
  • Reasonable price


  • The rubber pieces fall off the headphones very easily.

Price: $85
Link: Amazon

The Shopping Cart

I always tend to postpone purchasing anything from Amazon for a little while until I have a few items. I was looking for a small tripod for use when I’m taking pictures and from a lot of recommendations I’m going with the Gorilla Pod, and this one is meant for DSLR Cameras. Then there are the head phones and after looking around a bit I decided to with the newly updated Bose In-Ear Headphones are my new riding headphones. Fat is a really funny sarcastic book about 3 people trying to drop their weight, and Managing Humans is about how a good engineer doesn’t make a for a good manager, just people skills.