Brush Breakfast – Adayliyah

I heard about this new breakfast place in Adayliyah and thought to check it out, its where the old Nathan’s used to be and you can’t really miss it because of its funky design. They have amazing seating outdoors and a cozy area indoors. We went four guys and it was perfect to try out the different items on the menu. I really like the design of the place, its cozy but doesn’t feel stuffy which is hard to pull off.

We ordered several things off the menu and they have been open a little over a month now. I had the turkey sandwich while the guys had some omletes and scrambled eggs. It took a bit of time but it was worth the wait and the food was pretty good. They also had frozen yogurt but by that time I was stuffed, I had a little taste and it was really good and they had a ton of different toppings to choose from. I think they picked an excellent location because Adayliyah is one of the nicer areas inside the city with excellent pace for parking. MSM was outside harassing the cars.

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Cafeteria Shuweikh

Woke up 6:30 am Friday morning hungry, I was surprised I even woke up that early. I kept thinking about food and tried to keep myself busy but at the end I decided that I want to eat out, not the healthiest item but I knew I would burn off whatever I ate. I bbmed Kubayashi since he is always up early in the morning, he replied at around 7 am and was ready to go. We had a choice between Early Bird in Jabriya or Cafeteria Shuweikh, I was more keen on Shuweikh but we thought to check out Early Bird. The location of Early Bird had a ton of construction around it and some people seemed to be waiting, and honestly I don’t want to wait 30 mins to get table to have breakfast, so we turned around and headed to Cafeteria Shuweikh.

The place never changes, except for the main sign out front it even has had the same A/C units for the past decade, you never know which one is really working and which is broken down. You have standard orders, and cafeteria shuweikh isn’t for everyone. I had one cheese and one laham bil ajeen, meat on doe, with one 7 up, the meal is pretty much as bad as it gets in regards to calories and healthiness, but its pretty good. Enjoyed sitting there, and the place always has people at any time of day.

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Breakfast @ The St.Regis

Breakfast of kings! I’m not usually one to have breakfast, but their breakfast and room service was something else. Even the breakfast at the buffet was fantastic and tasted amazing. I’m usually the type of person who looks forward to lunch but this breakfast couldn’t be resisted. Perfect scrambled eggs with the chicken sausages, then the amazing tasty fruit. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but those who drank it said it was very refreshing. The buffet is very good as well with a variety of foods to choose from, and I had a really good omelette with bell peppers and cheese. I always judge the hotel by room service, and in this case the St.Regis set a new standard.

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Food @ The Chedi – Oman

While in Oman I tried keeping to this diet, or trying to eat light throughout this whole trip. I just made sure that whatever I ate that was really good I would walk it off, and I took the opportunities to enjoy the fish and all forms of crustaceans. To say that the food at The Chedi hotel in Muscat is exquisite is a huge understatement. The service itself was top notch, probably one of the best service I have had in a while, they were all very helpful and accommodating on all forms but the food was just something else.

Breakfast in the morning was a large selection not including what you could order from the kitchen. I had fresh cheeses and turkey, labnah and breads, all kinds of juices. Then came the scramble eggs, they turned the food into an art form and it tasted so good I wanted more. The lunch was amazing, I can’t remember the last time I had lobster and since having it there I kept asking for it. The meal was amazing and the each dish was better then the other. Their Tiger Prawns were huge, bigger then normal and everything just tasted so fresh. I’m going to have to visit their again just for the food and this time not on business so I can enjoy it and relax while their instead of running back to the hotel and eating then heading back out again.

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Breakfast of Kings

Woke up early in the morning, and my meeting was three hours later. I went over some of the finer points regarding the agenda, and went through some paperwork. 30 minutes and I was hungry, I ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, some chicken sausages and beef bacon. 20 minutes I heard a knock on my door, and I could smell the food. As soon as I removed the cover it looked better then I expected and tasted even better. A meal fit for a King.

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Cafeteria Shuwaikh

It was just one of those morning when you feel like you could have slept in the whole day. Then my friend says how bout Cafeteria Shuwaikh for breakfast, that got me awake, I haven’t been there in months and you can never go wrong with Cafeteria Shuwaikh. I have probably never seen a female creature in the vicinity of that place, I’m assuming its because of the location rather then the food, because the food is damn good.

What I really like about the place is how simple it is and how clean it is, it wouldn’t have lasted this many years if it wasn’t the case. I remember going into the back before, and this time around I checked out the back and its just as clean. The best part is that if you are hungry the food comes out pretty fast but you have to know what to choose, I go straight for the Laham Bil Ajeen, some the guys had the pizza and zaatar but I didn’t feel like them really. They have this laban which is pretty tasty as well, hit the spot for the morning before heading out.

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Going to Napkit these days has become a habit, and the outdoor seating has been perfect timing since its nice weather. We usually have been going to Marina when the weather is nice, but we have come to enjoy Napkit. And I have to say they really do have good music playing in the early morning.  I do get hungry seeing all the different types of sandwichs that they have available. I tend to eat a cesear salad, thinking its healthy enough and its a satisfying meal to degree, but I can still eat some more but I don’t.

Then there is one of our friends who comes in with a very angry face, and it gets better after he has two double espressos for his morning drink. To say that he is addict to it is an understatement. I think my favorite sandwich is called the Crowd Pleaser, and I do like the croissant with turkey and cheese. Its a restaurant with a different selection of items, and again good music.

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Earlybird In the Morning

I was feeling like some scrambled eggs and sausages, so I decided to go to Earlybird early friday morning. I was hungry in the morning so I knew I was going to enjoy my meal. The best part is the drive to Fahaheel that early in the morning, the roads are empty and clear making it a lot more fun while listening to the right music. Suprisingly around 8:00 am the place was full and we only had one table available.

We ordered our food and within 10 minutes we had our meals, my friend had pancakes and I was having scrambled eggs and beef bacon. It was very tasty just as last time, and headed home.

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A Good Breakfast

I woke up really early in the morning so I had some time but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wake right away when I’m hungry, if I’m hungry I can’t doze back off to sleep. So after some thought this was the breakfast I had in mind, usually I don’t eat this type of breakfast but I was hungry and decided to indulge my appetite.

I do love ketchup with with my scrambled eggs and toast, and having the hot dogs made it perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better to start the morning while watching a few episodes of anime.

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Review: Early Bird

K stumbled upon this breakfast place out in the middle of no where, I have no clue how he exactly found it but we decided to go to it in the early morning. It was during our 38 hour escapade, this is the main reason for staying up and watching movies. It would be very hard to get this many guys up early in the morning so we decided to stay up with a movie marathon, a few people passed out but by 5:30 am few people were waking up.

All I know is that they have pancakes and breakfast, open from 5 am, if worst comes to worst we had an alternative. I had no clue how to find it, but K had some directions. We flew there enjoying the empty highway, it took us about 20 minutes to get there and you don’t see it right away since its just off the road.

You walk in and the place seats about 12 people max, and we were 8 very hungry guys who showed up at there door step at 6:00 am. Its a very simple place, with a simple yet diverse breakfast menu, we ordered pretty much everything that was on the menu, scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwich, and all kinds of pancakes. There are only two people running the place and its open from 5 am to 3 pm 6 days a week except Sunday. We were all hungry, and you get this very homely feeling about the place, it just adds to the flavor. And I think I was the last person to get his food, but it just tasted better.

It was a great meal, I just wish the place was a little bit closer. We were full driving back but the empty roads were too tempting, if you like breakfast then you will love this place, its worth staying up all night just to eat breakfast there and passing out the next day.

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