I always liked the design of BRM watches but recently I managed to check out a few, and I was surprised at the lack of quality of the straps. I still like the design but very disappointed with the quality, usually a watch maker chooses a nice plastic or leather strap to complement the watch, but their straps are very rigid and feel cheap.

The movement is floating inside the case with a rigid axis holding it in place. Its an interesting piece from BRM, the W44 id going for 4050€ and the W50 model for 4650€.

Link: WatchLuxus

B.R.M Birotor

I have a thing for watches, I always get attracted to the slightly bulky and odd looking watches. There is an art to them, and I have always like the look of BRM watches. I thought they always had this unique mechanical looking design to them. I saw the watch just recently and I tried it on thinking it was nice but the strap was very stiff for a rubber strap. I thought it would be expensive but the price is nothing short of ridiculous, it is unique the quality doesn’t justify the price, maybe the quality of the watch itself it high but not 10x what I thought it would be.

Price:41’500 Euros
link: BRM