Battlestar Gallactica Spaceship Lego

The extent some of these Professional Lego Builders go to is amazing. This is probably one of the coolest custom LEGO builds I have seen to date. The Battlestar Galactica Spaceship is amazing and totally made out of LEGO. It weighs close to 25 Kilograms and about 2 meters long which is huge, this ship from the show is actually called Battlestar Berzerk. The interior of this ship had to be reinforced with another materials because the LEGO pieces started to bend and shear from the weight of this beast.

The ship is so large and heavy that it requires internal supports made from wood and steel – and that 54-pound weight doesn’t include the support structure. The support was required after parts started to bend and shear off the craft.

Link: GeekTyrant

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Sci Fi Airshow

The SCI-FI AIR SHOW’s purpose is to preserve and promote the rich and varied history of Sci-Fi/fantasy vehicles. Through display and education we seek to celebrate the classic design and beauty of these ships and the rich imaginations that created them. When the cameras stopped rolling, many of these proud old ships were lost and forgotten. Please join us in working to keep these rare and beautiful birds soaring!

An event for all movie and tv scifi fans, one they can only imagine. These are all photoshopped pictures of what a scifi air show would like, these pictures are created by special effects artists for film and TV. This event is in the mind of Bill George who worked as visual effects supervisor on six Star Trek and two Star Wars films. I would mind getting in the Millenium Falcon or a Battlestar Gallactica Viper.

Link: GeekTyrant

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BSG @ My Cousins

The last few weeks me and a few of my cousins have a ritual with Battlestar Galactica, we are watching Season 4 all together as much as possible. We gather at this place to watch and Season 4 has become a hectic season for me, for some reason I wanted to find the right time to watch it all and not be bothered by anyone. He has a nice movie room setup with the right combination of equipment, and we are watching Battlestar Galactica on Blu-Ray which looks really good.

What he likes to have ready on the table is an assortment of candies, popcorns, and snacks to be eaten during the whole event. I got there around 3:30 pm and we started watching right away as another cousin joined as later. I had my spot on the couch which was very comfortable as we watch the cylons go to war and everything going wrong on Galactica, this is one crazy season. I’m happy I waited to watch it with the right people who would appreciate BSG and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

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Battlestar Galactica – End of Season 3 (Some Spoilers)

I have been watching this show religiously, but recently I came to a bit of a stump so I haven’t seen it for a while. This week I decided to finish season 3 since season 4 which is the last season of the show has come to an end. I started at episode 6 which is where I stopped off and remember why I was so addicted to the show, I couldn’t stop and everything pretty much went to hell by the last episode.

The Spoilers or my notes:

  • The cyclons are ridiculous that they are still keeping up
  • What the hell is going on with that baby and what does he have to do with everything
  • Gaias Baltar is a prick but he deserves to live
  • Starbuck is back, I thought she was gone
  • What the hell is going on at the end, those four are cylons and how could they tell just from the music, I hope this is explained somewhat in season 4 because that is going to drive me nuts
  • Cylon number Six or Tricia Helfer is a ridiculously hot cylon/human, I love how she is always looking good when they come to interogate her and she does give off that hot/evil/I am innocent look

Fantastic show, I just hope that season 4 satisfies my expectations as I don’t even know what to expect!

BattleStar Galactica Case

I have seen some computer case mods in my time, but this one takes the trophy. Runway lights on the top for the raptors, the laser cut BSG emblem in the front and you can see the disc spinning. The small LCDs so you can see the radar system and whats going on. Its nothing short of an amazing effort, and probably the best I have ever seen, I’m still in awe of this case. From the looks of it, its going to take off, check out the videos after the break.

The Specifications:

• EVGA nForce 590 SLI motherboard
• AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU
• Two EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS graphics cards in SLI
• 4GB (2x2GB) Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red DDR2 800MHz
• Cooler Master 850W modular PSU
• Pioneer slimline slot loading DVD drive
• Logitech G15 keyboard and G9 mouse
• IZ3D 22″ 3D monitor
• Western Digital RaptorX 150GB HD (x2)
• Swiftech pump, blocks
• Black Ice Stealth 360 radiator
• PC Ice clear fluid
• Primoflex red tubing
• 10″ LCD
• 2.5″ LCD (x3)

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