Harely Davidson is hurting, Dropping Buell and selling MV Agusta

Things aren’t so great with the Big H.D. they have had to take some thought steps to go forward. Their sales are down and it seems they are looking to cut costs and become more liquid. Buell just hasn’t fared so well over the years even with the best effort put forward by them, H.D. just held them back. With MV Agusta they are already trying to find potential buyers in the market to take their stake in it. All this is a bit of a shock from Harley Davidson and the motorcycle industry will be affected, MV also have a new motorcycle to unveil so I’m curious as to how its going to look.

Link: Autoblog

KTM RC8 1190, Ducati 1098 and Buell 1125R

Now this turns out to be interesting, they pitted three V-Twins against each other. The images themselves are beautiful but I wish they had an MV Agusta instead of the ugly Buell. I think Buell’s are not the best of motorcycles and are still sluggish so there was no reason to have it in this comparison, mentioned in the article that the Buell always feels outdated and doesn’t give you confidence when riding the machine on the road.

But I am extremely curious as to how the KTM and Ducati will be since they are in direct competition. I just love the color of both the Ducati and KTM, they both have character but very different intentions when building these machines. The Ducati is described a stiff and precise, a very race oriented machine. The KTM is described a more comfortable machine for long trips with an agile suspension such as the Ducati. The KTM and Ducati are very similar in lots of aspects yet different goals were mind when they were building these machines.

Link: faster&faster

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Krugger Motorcycles

Now this is one unique machine, if I’m not mistaken it is built with a Buell engine and pretty much everything else is custom made. The rims are from a V-Rod but the body parts are hand crafted meant for use in high speed tests. The look of this machine tickles my curiousity, I wonder how it handles and feels, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over one but since its custom there probably won’t be that many of them on the road.

Link: Krugger

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