There is a lot of burger places opening up in the Village and a new Village opening up on the other side. Lots of burger places opening up on the other side of it and a few disappointments, but Junkyard isn’t one of them. Its located on the other side of Upper Crust Pizza and simple to find for those who are familiar with the village.


The place is simple and has gritty style to the restuarant, but I got food to go and didn’t bother eating there since I wanted to watch TV at home. I saw the menu and it’s a simple selection, burgers, hot dogs, fries, and couple of other things. I ordered the Junkyard Burger which is a Double Patty with Caramelized Onions & Cheddar Cheese. Got the Chicken Tenders, Fries and Chilli Fries as well.


The burger is a bit small but that seemed to be the perfect size, juicy and the perfect bite. The fries were the normal thin type fries that I like, but the chilli fries weren’t that great and I wouldn’t order that again. The Chicken Tenders were a hit thought, I really liked them and especially the Honey Mustard Sauce. Overall the place is a great quick stop, there are better burgers but their burgers are honestly pretty good and I will repeat. You can find them on Talabat or call them directly on 23901022/33.



Burgers & Meat – The Kuwait Selection


I always like to grill steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and all other kinds of meats, its something that I love doing and especially since a few specialty places opened up in Kuwait. Grilling is an art form, and I know everyone loves ordering their meat well done but thats so wrong, you don’t get the taste of the steak or burger, and sometimes in Kuwait they burn it so it drives me nuts. So I prefer to cook my own when I can, and if I can’t then I go to either OFK or Meat Co because they are the only ones that get it right every time. But if your like me and want to grill at home, then these are your choices for meat supplier, each one has their own taste and some are better then the other but I can’t just can’t get enough of the grill so I will always keep trying to grill whenever I can.

Specialty Places (Ranked Top To Bottom):

  • PrimeCuts – Best Steaks Available from Every Cut you can think of, my favorite is the Rib Eye Wagyu 200 Gram, and the burgers are really good, they come in any size, you can have the Wagyu or the normal, but I prefer the normal because its juicier.
  • Fuddruckers – They only have burgers and their burgers are very juicy when cooked right, and their bread is out of this world. It’s a matter of prefrence but I prefer PC burger over Fudz.
  • RareCuts – I recently saw them and wanted to try them out, their steaks aren’t bad but aren’t as good as PrimeCuts for some reason, I don’t know why even though I tried different steaks, PC was better. The burger I had from them was too salty, and strangely chewy, and I cooked two burger differently but they just didn’t get the right consistency for my taste.

Super Markets

  • Lulu Hypermarket & Sultan Center – Before the specialty spots opened these were the burger sources for decent burgers and their burgers are still good, as long as you order burger meat with about 20% fat 80% lean so you can get a juicy burger when on the grill. When ever we are in need and nobody can provide these guys always seem to get it right. And my supply for lamb chops is always from Sultan Center, they always have the New Zealand Lamb Chops in stock and they are the perfect choice for the grill.

    Jones The Grocer – Dubai


    A lot of restaurants open in Dubai and usually in or around some sort of mall and over the recent years that is Dubai Mall since everyone flocks over there to that mall. Rarely do you explore other locations, but thanks to MFW he took to me a new location a little while back, and thats Jones The Grocer, a singular building next to Jumeirah’s residential area just off of Sheikh Zayed Road. Literally nothing around it but a small shopping complex with a few businesses and a gas station.


    You walk in and it is genuinely a unique restaurant/cafe/store, they have a very nice food selection in their menu. Loved their salads and sandwiches, I have been there close to a dozen times over the past 6 months, I make it a point to go there and try something new when I go.


    It’s not your typical place, different types of seating in different sides of the building, with the cafe display cases in the middle, and the outer areas of the restaurant has cooking and food related items for sale from high end coffee machines to cook books and Turkish delights. Literally something for everyone in that place, and if you are cheese connoisseur you will enjoy the selection they have. Try the greek salad with steak and the chicken sandwich, they are very good dishes, and even the meat dishes are good there.


    If you have been there then you are missing out since it out there not next to anything you feel like you are in a unique hip place. Feels like a place that should be in New York or San Francisco, it has this unique vibe to it and the best thing is that the food tastes just as good as the place looks.

    Link: JonesTheGrocer









    Burger Boutique – Finally Open

    The wait has been too long, Burger Boutique was the first to open years ago with the comic book themed menu that I loved. I didn’t know what to expect from Burger Boutique but all I knew was that it was going to be something good and honestly I was looking forward to it. Then I got the call that they were inviting people to try it out. Let me say this the pictures I took do not do it justice, it is in Al Rayah Mall just opposite its original location on the 2nd floor. We were a lot of guys so we ordered pretty much everything on the menu and everything was so damn good.

    I had high expectations for the Burgers and they did not disappoint, the normal burgers and the sliders. They were going for a recycling theme which I thought was cool but sometimes it was just too much paper to get to my food, I felt like a cave man ripping at his food and the guys didn’t give me chance to take pictures, food would just disappear so it was eat or be eaten situation. They have expanded on the types of fries they have and I loved the chilli cheese fries, so damn good. There were so many other good things on the menu but I didn’t have a chance even remember their names.

    The one thing that really surprised me that tasted so good that I burnt my tongue since it was really hot was the chilli cheese hot dog. It really tasted amazing, like the kind of hot dogs that you think it should taste like, the ones I remember from a long time ago and this just really hit the spot. Also the selection of milk shakes are really good, I loved the Oreo Milkshake it really stuffed me at the end. One thing that I love about Burger Boutique, Slider Station, & OFK, its their buns, they just taste so good and with the opening of Burger Boutique they have opened their Bakery so now they make all their buns there and it just adds to the flavor of the Burgers. I will be going back and I loved that their open, if you have a chance and your feeling a burger then you should stop by for sure.

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    Automat – Damn Good Burgers

    Whenever I am in London I always make a stop in Automat, its one of those places that I am familiar with and always enjoy. They have just been consistent over the years, they never really disappoint, a very simple menu, salads, burgers, and a few pastas and in my case the most important being the Mac & Cheese.

    The Mac & Cheese is just a perfect combination and not too heavy, I love taking a bite off the top of the baked crust. With the burger there which is also pretty damn good, I didn’t know what to eat, and I always like to start off with their Chicken Ceaser Salad, it just tastes so good and refreshing. You have to book sometimes to eat there, the place gets packed.

    Link: Automat

    Food & More Good Food

    I love food, there is no question about that, and I thought about all the most memorable places to eat in the region that I would want to eat again. So this list came together as I was getting hungry at night, and I think I want to visit them sooner rather then later. This is why I have a problem dieting, I love food too much to stop eating.


    • Zuma – It’s in Dubai and its going to open in 2012 in Beirut, and I’m a big fan of their amazing food
    • Hakkassan – Just opened in Emirates Towers
    • Caramel – DIFC really tasty and great selection
    • ToroToro – South American Steak Dining
    • Le Petite Maison – Always good food
    • Meat Co – Always a good place to eat
    • Cippriani – Abu Dhabi – Amazing food, seriously delicious
    • The IVY – Just like London


    • OFK – Can’t get enough of their food!
    • Slider Station – Those sliders hit the spot
    • Prime & Toast – Large Menu & its Open 24 hours
    • Q Cafe – Really Tasty Food
    • UpperCrust Pizza – Damn good thin pizza


    • Zinc – Very good steak & always a buzzing place
    • Le Stay – Trendy French Cuisine
    • Momo’s – Fusion Morrocan Cuisine, love the place
    • Muneer – The best Lebanese restaurant, really damn good food

    Slider Station – The Beast Challenge

    Slider Station is one of the best Burger Places in Kuwait, I do love their recipes and their huge selection of burgers. I haven’t been there in a little while due to being busy and not feeling like driving too far to eat, but the other day I had a chance to eat since it was right after a meeting. With the weather getting nicer and nicer the outside patio area was packed, no seats available. At that point I was so hungry that I didn’t care where I sat, so we sat upstairs and ready to order.

    I quickly went through the menu and I felt like a regular burger and a rib eye quesadilla, the quesadilla seemed enticing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We also ordered an assortment West Coast, Dynamite, and Midnight Sliders. When the food came I pounced it right away, I was hungry as hell. The burgers came out first, and they brought out the Rib Eye Quesadilla which was the best and freshest Quesadilla I have had in a while, it was really good and the Rib Eye was genius, if you haven’t had it then you should try it. As I was walking to wash my hands after the meal was annihilated, I saw this large list called “THE BEAST CHALLENGE” and I don’t even know what is that challenge, I didn’t think of asking what it was when I was walking out but I have feeling I will be trying it out. There was a list of people on it, I wonder if that means they were successful or just tried.

    (All Pics with HTC Desire Android)

    Fat Burger in Mahbola – Damn Good

    There were announcements all over the blogs that Fat Burger was open, and officially open by last Thursday. I had the chance to get a bite and I was hungry so we decided to get a bite from Fat Burger, and that was a very good decision. The building is located in a new complex on the seaside just a little before Alia & Ghalia Tower.

    The Fat Burger is a bit bigger then normal and very spacious with lots of seating, you can see the order counter on the upper floor. The same menu and same cheer when they repeat the orders. My standard order is a double with cheese, lettuce, onions, and extra ketchup. A very simple and clear order, I will know right away if this is the same one I have been having every time I set foot in Dubai. The order came within 10 minutes, we had skinny fries with the order, I finished my fries first because I don’t like cold fries and I wanted to enjoy my burger.

    I unwrapped the burger and pour a little ketchup on the lettuce, closed it up and go it ready for the big bite. It is just as good as before, a fresh tasting burger that I kept having every time I go to Dubai Mall. I devoured the sandwich, I almost bit my fingers off it tasted so good and its been a while since I had a Fat Burger burger. If you haven’t had it then you shouldn’t miss it, and its located in a nice new complex, it winter that place is going to be packed for sure. Lets just hope they maintain the quality, I know I’m going back there soon.

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    BBQ in Bnaider

    When going to the shalaih I looking forward to eating some juicy burgers as well as jumping into the water. With the Prime Cuts burgers I really had something to look forward to trying, but now I had to deal with the grill. I had the guys on bread patrol, cutting up the buns getting the ready, and the cheddar cheese was ready.

    Now the grill is an interesting story, its big and can handle a lot of burgers, and I love coal bbqing except that you can’t control the flame, which makes professional gas grillers that much better. Now in this case this is a 15 KD griller made from a used barrel, and cut to fit a grill and welded together, and it works perfectly. Now the funny part is that it belongs to one of the guys from 4thringroad, and somehow ended up with us, but I’m using it and enjoying it so I’m not complaining.

    Got the burgers on the grill and for the first time about 7 of guys were waiting behind for the food, I had to swat them away like flies. Usually I’m the only one stuck outside cooking in the cold, but this time around they were all just standing behind and annoying me because they were all so hungry. I kept flipping the burgers every few minutes since I couldn’t control the heat and I didn’t want the exterior burnt and the interior being under cooked. The first batch of burgers that were done, disappeared within seconds, they flew through them and some guys wanted more, these are thick burgers.

    After about 18 of the burgers there were only a few left and so I cooked it on my time, making sure they are perfect. I would place each bun on the grill for about a minute to get it nice and crispy. The cheese melted perfected with the heat being nice and warm at this point, I took my first bite and loved it. It was really a juicy burger and very tasty, Prime Cuts now has a dedicated customer and these guys do catering too, so if you want someone to come cook your burgers for you, then they come out.

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    Prime Cuts – Gourmet Delicatessen

    Everyone likes burgers and a lot of people like meats, but not everyone knows where to get good meat. I’m very particular about meat, especially steaks and burgers, the selection in Kuwait is not that good, we have decent meat but not great. Not until I found Prime Cuts, they have premium quality meats of all kinds. A friend recommended them to me so I called them up. Its a Kuwaiti run concept for a high end delicatessen which has been running and building itself up for over three years, they are suppliers of some restaurants and hotels in Kuwait, one of them being Meat Co.

    For the first time I speak to people who are knowledgeable about meat, not just the usual butcher but an chef butcher, someone who knows all the kinds of meat and how they should be cooked and used for what dish. I told them I want to make the best brugers, they recommend to me Australian Wagyu Beef, 80% lean, they have the regular Australian Beef but the Wagyu will result in juicier burgers. They even asked what type of flame I will be working with, if its gas grill or wood or coal, they had a recommendation for each one. So I ordered 200 grams patties of Australian Wagyu Beef which is a bit more on the expensive side. They had all kinds of meat, T-Bone and Ribeye being my favorite types of steak, and the burger of course. They usually make 140 gram burgers which are very tasty, but like them thicker so I ask for 200 grams, they mix it with their own set of spices so the patty is just ready for the grill and give you instructions for storage as well. Now they have shipment of high quality American beef coming in soon, that I want to pick up from them as well when its in.

    I will be putting another post about the results of the burgers, but lets say that 8 guys finished over 24 burgers in less then 30 minutes. I couldn’t step away from the grill, they were more like hungry hyenas then normal humans. I can’t blame them really, I’m supposed to be on a diet and cutting back but I had two really juicy burgers but thats for another post. I highly recommend that you call them for high quality and premium meat of all kinds.

    Link: Prime-Cuts

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