Summer Shows


There is a lot of good TV for the summer to enjoy, and with this dusty weather I’m spending more time indoors then outdoors. At different times I’m watching different shows, sometimes comedy, sometimes action, there is never a lack of choice for shows to watch. Some shows are so good that I fly through five or six episodes in one sitting.

The Shows:

  • Community – One of the unexpectedly funny shows, the characters are hilarious
  • Justified – A US Marshall dishing out justice as it needs, Timothy Olyphant as the Cowboy US Marshall, pretty good action packed show
  • Burn Notice – Finishing up Season 3, and Season 4 has started up
  • Lie To Me – It started back up again and its even better then before, more daring and unpredictable

My Shows

The new season is upon us and all the new shows start this September. I’m enjoyin g these shows and I’m still catching up with Weeds and BattleStar Gallactica which are fantastic shows. I just start BattleStar Galactica last week and it is a fantastic show, I have all of it in 720p so I am enjoying it. This is going to be a great season since hopefully they won’t be any strikes and the shows can pick up their stories again.

What I’m Watching:

Review: Burn Notice

People are always interested by the job of spies, but what do they do after their job is done or not. A spy doesn’t get fired, they get a burn notice. Michael Westin is that spy and he ends up in Miami, stuck in his situation trying to figure out who burned him, and he has only a trigger happy ex-girlfriend and an old drunk friend to help him out. As he is trying to figure out who burned him, he takes care of a few odd missions here and there to make some money and help people out. Action packed episodes in Miami, good music, and an interesting story line. A fresh show that keeps you on your toes and entertained at every turn,  really worth watching, the first season was very good and now the second season is starting.

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