RoboCop Bust 1/1-Scale

IT’s been a good year for RoboCop fans. First off, we’ve got that figma to look forward to, and now, theres this amazing 1/1-scale bust from Fred Barton Productions to enjoy. Standing 28″ tall and with only 200-250 of these being made, this hand-painted limited run bust really does look like the real deal, sculpted beautifully by member Anticlaus. By the way, Anticlaus is also sculpting that RoboCop statue in Detroit (the one I’m now forced to go take the RoboCop figma to because I promised I would), so if anything, my excitement level for seeing that in its finished form just went up another tenfold.

I’m a huge fan of RoboCop and I always keep hoping that they will make a new movie soon, I keep hearing about the script but new directors keep coming in. From the late 80s to the early 90s, the coolest thing in the world is a human turned into a Cyborg! And he had the coolest gun, I think I thought Detroit might have Robots in the near future. I even used to draw the OCP logo every where, I loved those 80s action movies, and I want that movie to come out soon but for now you can have that amazing RoboCop or Officer Murphy on your desk.

Link: TopPop

Iron Man 2 – Hot Toys Bust

At 9 inches tall this is a very cool Iron Man 2 bust from Hot Toys. They have released other models such a full figure Iron Man 2 and War Machine but I prefer the ones from Kotobukiya Iron Man 2 but this bust is really cool. Especially since Hot Toys are known for their attention to detail, the Arc Reactor and eyes are light up. A perfect bust to sit on a desk looking as a good as this Iron Man model.

Link: Tomopop

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The UnBoxing

Came back today to find two boxes in my room, I knew I was getting something from my Aramex box. The best part are that these items slowly trickle in and its fun opening them up even though it isn’t a complete surprise. This time it turns out one of these boxes was delivered to the wrong person even though my name was written clearly on it.

  • Sigma EX 10-20mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Grendaizer Statue
  • Spiderman Symbiote Bust

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