Borrow Lenses

When choosing a new lens I read up a lot about it, making sure that it fits my needs and use, and if I can get the most out of it. The body of the camera is only half the equation, the lens is the more important half in my opinion, getting the combination right can help with your photography not just your normal skills. So choosing the right lens is very important, I have made a few costly mistakes over the years but I have managed to sell those lenses to used lens store in the UK or on Ebay while in the states during visits so it wasn’t too bad of a hit. Overall my skill in choosing a lens has improved, but still nothing can beat trying out a lens before purchasing and this is what I’m posting about BorrowLenses. Its a service where you can reserve and rent lenses for short periods of time or long periods. The periods can last from 3 days up to 4 weeks with different intervals for renting of 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks. There is a good amount of trust for you to use the item and return in it good condition. Cost range from 10 KD all the way to 200 KD depending on the lens but 200 KD for a 1200 KD lens to use for a month isn’t too bad since you get to experience and really know if you want it or not. Keeping in mind the extra cost of shipping which is probably around 20 – 30 KD, also that you lose from the rental days the amount it takes to get to you but overall I still think its a great deal to try out lenses and equipment you want to try before purchasing.

Lenses & Accessories for:

  • Canon
  • Nikon

Available Items:

  • All Types of Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Water Housing
  • Camera Bags
  • Memory Cards
  • A lot More

Link: BorrowLens

Mock Tudor


Water resistant 900D polyester outer shell, 150D Ripstop lining, Protective, reinforced sidewalls and base, utility backpack/laundry bag, 3 colourways available, Multiple internal and sidewall pockets, Neoprene stretch panels, Easy access side loading laptop pocket, top travel wallet pocket. Strecth mesh internal pockets. Ultra Glide wheels x 2. Large zip access for easy loading.


I have always been a fan of the crumpler series due to their odd looks and durable features. I have been using it as the camera bag for the past 9 months now. Because I have a few more lens that I want to carry around with me, I’m looking for a new bag and stumbled onto the Mock Tudor, this isn’t what I’m looking for, what I need a shoulder bag which can carry 2 to 3 lenses as well as the camera, but this new bag does look very interesting. The best part about their bags is that you can carry your camera around with you and not look like a lost tourist. 

Link: Crumpler