GulfRun 9 – Around the Corner

This is one of the very exciting times for me of the year, I love going to GulfRun, getting all the cars ready and just talking shop with so many people is always crazy. Now the count down is here and we are at the final stages before heading to Bahrain.

The Car Show is on the 10th & 11th of January @ 360 Mall with a lot of amazing machines to see. Can’t wait to get to the track, seriously excited about it.

GulfRun 8 Car Show @ 360 Mall

I always look forward to the Car Show in 360 Mall, I have participated in all of them and spending most the weekend there is pretty entertaining. It also helps that Open Flame Kitchen is right there, so we had lunch and dinner there pretty much every day, and breakfast and Laduree which is really good. This time around the guys were even more organized then before, cars were put in efficiently, and it was quickly done, then they started setting up the lights and all the other stands to get things going for the Car Show.

What I love about it is the unique machines that are placed there and the number amazing machines. The funny part is that there are about 20 more machines that aren’t placed there because there isn’t enough space but I still liked the selection. I do love seeing those KTM XBows they look like they came out Batman’s cave, very cool looking machines. I picked up a few GR hoodies this year since they were flying off the racks, and got all my GR ID’s and gear. I’m curious to see how the McLaren MP4-12C & Italia 458 do on the track since they are known as track machines. But there are also a lot of heavily modified Japanese Machines so we shall see how that goes. Also one of the best part of the car show is seeing the reaction of the kids, some of them really thought the XBow as the Batmobile, and they either like specific brands or they love specific colors. The Black Nissan GTR with the Red rims attracted a lot of people and especially kids.

The beast that was parked on its own requires to be mentioned, an Underground Racing LP1500-4, heavily modified suspension and brakes, this is far from a normal machine and it even sounds scary when you start it up. This is the first time I have seen a Gallardo with a roll cage built into it, you can’t tell by looking at it, only when you open it up. It is an excellent piece of machinery.

The best part now to GulfRun is coming up, Bahrain International Circuit from the 24th until the 25th of January. Lets just hope all the machines make it there, its going to be quite a scene to see all these machines on track. Usually I take it easy when I start but that isn’t always the case, but lets hope I get some good timings on the track.

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GulfRun @ GUST Carnival

I got a chance to check out GUST for the first time, and they had the GulfRun booth in the center next to FoilArt & Zain. This was my first time to enter the GUST campus in Mishref and I have to say that I was impressed as an outsider the only thing that they are missing is a parking structure even though it does have ample parking. I didn’t walk through the facility completely but I was impressed with what I did see, and I really liked the spirit of the students.

The Carnival is an event organized by the Student Association and I have to say they did a very good job organizing it. I like the setup and it was in a nice area with a lot of walking space, and in the circular courtyard were the food booths. There were a lot of student entrepreneurs and its great to see them trying to sell their products and services. The funny part for me was seeing the GulfRun booth just in front of Zain since the Wataniya Logos were all over the cars, but they seemed to be a good sport about it, and the Zain Zone people were pretty nice. My surprise was seeing the Lotus 211 parked right there and the Lamborghini Aventador parked on the side walk as well. While I was roaming around I also picked up a lot of Kettle Corn from Popcornopolis.

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Heritage Car Show in Kuwait

Got a call from Wehbi about the Car Show next to 360 Mall, and some interesting combination of cars in the show. I wasn’t aware of location, but he gave me spot on directions to the car show, so I thought I would head there directly after lunch. Took me 5 minutes down the 6th Ring Road and I got there, luckily there was a lot of parking and it was held in a very nice grassy area. I’m a bit disappointed with the venues in Kuwait, Mishref grounds used to be state of the art 20 years ago but now it feels like its just falling apart and there is no major improvement which does need to happen. I was just happy there was this type of car show taking place in Kuwait, they should take place more often.

There are cars inside and outside, I like the trucks and a few sports cars outside, I was curious what would be inside. There were a bunch of GTOs, some Corvettes, a few Aston Martins, and a lot of cars. The event seems very nicely organized, it takes 10 minutes to enjoy and walk around the whole thing, lots of nice cars, well taken care of and maintained. I saw a couple of cars that I liked but the one I liked the most was the SS & the Dodge Power Wagon outside, I really liked the trucks. Its great seeing people enjoying their cars and taking care of them, more should be done to promote events such as these.

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GulfRun Car Show @ Marina Cresent

That is honestly one of the best car shows I have seen in a long time in Kuwait. A huge turnout from the first day, lots of people, family, and kids showed up and enjoyed the show. The booths from Tristar Motorcycles, Al Fahad Travel, Kromozone, Ford, Mitsubishi, and My Toy World were there, and then the other sponsors for GulfRun such Agility, Huper Optic, Magic, Slider Station, and EggHead Electronics were at the event as well.

There were lots of interesting cars, and they look good with all the stickers. Then there was a few surprises such as the Desmosedici RR which is made in extremely limited production, a Moto GP motorcycle that you can take home. I think that GulfRun has made a good impression on lots of people and got them very interested in this event. Lots of families came and I was really surprised, people kept coming up to me who I wasn’t expecting to see and there was lots of family to say hello to. The best part is all the photography enthusiasts who showed up to the event.

The organization of the car show was very well done, lots of smiling faces and the music was blasting a little too much but it attracted people to the cars. Hopefully it will be bigger and better next year. I’m curious to see how its going to be topped next year.

Link: GulfRun

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SEMA 2008 Booth Professionals

Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association or SEMA is one of the best aftermarket car shows that showcases the best of the best parts and modifications on the newest cars which may not even be released to the public yet. Another aspect of SEMA are the booth babes and the women are as abundant as the cars in the expo! A lot more pics at the link.

Link: Jalopnik