Tech Overload – 5 Hour Trouble Shooting


This is probably the most intense network trouble shooting I have done in my life. I have spares for most situations, back up plans, and tools ready to go but what happened to me confused the hell out of me.


  • Network Went Down, No Internet (Kems Connection)
  • Internal Network was inaccessible as well

Possible Issues:

  • External Issue with Internet – Internet Down
  • Modem could be malfunction – Internal Network Issues


  • Kems to Solve Issue
  • Replace Modem
  • Replace Switch

PS3SlimBunker 004

What Happened:

I changed both the modem first and I was still facing issues, I redid the external wiring from MOC into the house and installed the best connectors and cleanest route and still faced the same issue. Then I installed the modem, configured it which got complete and it was connecting but packets were bouncing. Basically I was also going nuts not being able to access my tv shows, movies and anime, it was cutting off so it wasn’t watchable. Since the internal network was still facing problems I installed a new switch to see if that was the issue, even though it was working fine for over two years.

So replacing the modem didn’t help, replacing the switch didn’t help, rewiring the external telephone line didn’t help. So the next step was cable testing but I didn’t have the equipment, so KEMS sent their engineer to test everything out but any work was sent by an external company recommend by Kems and they did the work. We went through and tested over 23 different Cat-6 Cables on three different floors to find that issue was that with the two networks the computer face an issue with a conflict of an internal router addresses so I redid that. We tested every cable and arranged every one of them once we test each one, one by one and cleared it, one cable was causing an issue and the switch was facing an issue whenever we connected it, I’m not sure how it went bad. After 5 hours of testing and going through everything and slowly getting everything up, the machines all worked at last.


  • KEMS support is the best in Kuwait
  • Make sure to check router main address whenever configuring the modem, conflicts from the modem can cause major problems.
  • Label cables for easy trouble shooting. I have a spaghetti for a network even though in my head it was all completely logical.

Centralizing the Network

My network consolidation steps have failed as I post about this earlier. My main problem was that I have multiple machines and multiple storage machines, so for the longest time I  had a lot of items spread out in different locations.

I have two separate networks since I have two ISPs coming in and I want to combine there speeds which is possible with the right setup but it didn’t work out for me and I’m not up for testing all over again. I’m thinking about trying a piece of equipment later, but I don’t want to purchase a load balancer.

I tried something different this time around, I connected both network cables to the two ethernet ports on the back of my power house PC. Its an Nvidia motherboard with two ethernet ports and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be if I plugged them both in, but as soon as I did it accepted the second IP Address. At that point I was able to see both networks and so for the past week I have been shifting data to my Windows Home Server (Bunker-Server).


  • TV Shows (Done)
  • Anime (Done)
  • Movie (Done)
  • Photos (TBD)
  • Music (TDB)
  • Other Files (TBD)

But the drawback is that the transfer has to go through the main PC but luckly the main PC is powerful enough to handle the huge transfers while doing other tasks and I have delegated downloads to the two other PCs.