Ministry of Education – Book Clearance


In the 60s,70s, and even the 80s, the books that were produced by the Ministry of Education were used all over the Gulf by many GCC countries and a few Arab countries. As with many things they were great in the past, but now its not even a shadow of its former self.

Recently I heard of an incident with the Ministry of Education and a few of the private schools. Any private school has to submit the book it uses for approval by the MoE, which makes sense, if things were perfect. Some books get banned and some get approved, and during one visit to the private school to check on the books one of the teachers asked why a book was banned, she said because it has nudity, and the teacher was confused as it doesn’t. Then the government employee said her colleague watch the movie and it had nudity so the book was banned, but then the teacher replied the book is different. Then the employee replies that the movie has nudity so the book was banned. The concept that the book and the movie were different was not being comprehended.

So now the ministry basis the book approvals through movies viewings, I wonder what they do when there isn’t a movie. And now The Great Gatsby is going to be released soon with Leonardo DiCaprio and you know there will probably be a few frisky scenes, and if its the same process then they will probably ban that book too.

Minutes @ KNCC


After watching the last movie, Repo Man, at cinescape I wanted to check the online runtime compared to the KNCC runtime and they were identical. It looks like KNCC caught on to people comparing times and telling if the movie is butchered or not. People walked out of Date Time with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey saying that 50% of the movie was missing, it was probably an hour and five minutes no more then that.

Again I go back to my simple rule, if there is a movie you want to see try watching it else where, except if its an animated movie there would be little to cut then you can watch it in Kuwait. These movies were butchered to the point one lost you and the other was a jump between images with 50% of it gone.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince in Kuwait

The simple way to check how messed up a movie is in Kuwait is to check the runtime. I’m happy at least KNCC posts up their real runtimes of these movies and not fabricated numbers, but this time around I’m a bit shocked of how much they chopped off from Harry Potter.

The Original Movie Runtime: 153 Mins
The Kuwaiti Approved Version: 135 Mins

11% of the movie has been chopped off, meaning that you will lose 11% of the story and that is too much for my tastes. I think I’m going to wait to watch it outside of Kuwait or wait for the Blu-Ray to come out. I tend to avoid movies with magic, or female interaction in Kuwait. I try to watch some movies and try to limit them to Pixar movies but sometimes I want to enjoy the movie in the theater but this time around I think I will wait for the Blu Ray version.

Star Trek Movie in Kuwait

Let me just say this, usually I boycott the movie theaters in Kuwait because of the butchery a film goes through. This time I have gotten confirmation that very little from the Star Trek movie has been censored, about 3 scenes have been cut which isn’t bad for Kuwait’s standard of censorship. If you have been waiting to see this movie as I have then go see it now, you won’t regret it. Another odd thing we have in Kuwait is that people who think that the Spandex suits that these characters might wear is too revealing then they complain to the Ministry of Information and they take the movie back in for another round of chopping, so the earlier you see it the better chances you have of it being shown with the least amount of cuts, at this point its only 3 cuts so go watch it.