Review: Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo


Mophie is known for making those amazing iPhone cases that extends your battery for a whole day of Angry Birds, your phone won’t run out of battery in a day with this case, and I’m honestly jealous there isn’t one for the Nexus 4 because it now runs out of Battery in less then 10 hours. I have one battery that I carry around with me every once in a while and its excellent but I wanted to try the Mohpie Juice Pack and since it got a lot of good reviews and I like their products.


  • Battery Capacity – 6000 mAh
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Chargers: Two USB Slots
  • 2.1 Amp Output
  • Charges By MicroUSB
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Works With Smart phones, tablets & gaming devices



  • It’s a Mohpie so usually they make excellent products
  • Two USB Slots, and they use USB not some proprietary crap
  • Charges at a 2.1Amp output so it supposed to charge your phone or tablet fast
  • MicroUSB Charger so you can use any charger you have to charge it and thats what I did


  • Its a bit bulky but some people might like the shape
  • It’s surprisingly slow to charge, really slow, that really disappointed me
  • $100 – It’s a bit too pricey


Link: Mophie

At the end what matters to me is how fast my device charges and in this case it was very slow, I’m not sure if this is a defected device from Mohpie but it seems to be working fine. For the price I expected a lot more, I thought my phone would go from 10% to 90% in 20 minutes or less, even when it packs a lot of battery with 6000 mAh which can charge a phone almost three times I would think it would do better. I had it in my pocket during a movie charging my phone so I didn’t touch it and after two hours it didn’t get to 100% that was a disappointment.



Trent – IMP1000 Mobile Charger

This is the 4th Generation USB power bank for the latest iPad 3 “the new ipad” and iPad 2. It will never let your smart phones and Tablet PCs run out of battery. This compact and ultra long-lasting backup battery will be your perfect power solution on the go. When you travel, there’s no need to charge your devices through an electrical outlet, the iCruiser IMP1000 is the ultimate power source!

These days these amazing phones barely last 10 hours in a day, previously the Nokias and Ericssons would last a good 3 to 4 days before need a charge, I remember I would have just one charger but now I have to have a charger in the office, in the car, in the hallway, in every room, its ridiculous. Phone technology has advanced so much yet batteries haven’t changed much in the last two decades. Since I tend to travel a lot for work one of the things I get annoyed with is my phone running out of battery half way through a full day, and so after doing a bit of research the Trent 11000 was my choice and a great one at that. I charge the phones usually on the plane when I’m not using them, and that hour or two of charging brings it back to 100%. The Trent IMP1000 is like redbull but for electronics, it keeps giving it that kick. There are smaller versions but I opted for the larger one to charge my Kindle or iPad as well as my phones.


  • USB connection, so you can connect any type of wire to it, MicroUSD, MacroUSB, Apple, anything really
  • Can charge your phone several times over
  • I charged it 3 months ago and it still has a very large amount of charge, doesn’t dissipate battery when not used
  • Charges Phones very quickly (iPhone & Android)
  • Charges iPads relatively quickly


  • Its Bulky
  • Slow to Charge Itself
  • Its a Bit Heavy

Link: Amazon


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New iPods Charging Issues Solved by Scosche Passport

I use my iPod whenever I am driving or riding, I usually I charge it before I ride. But when I’m in the car I use my iPod, I started using the iPod Nano in both cars. It can’t store all my music but 16 GB is a hell of a lot. One thing that I noticed right away is that it doesn’t charge, and my cousin has an iPod Touch 2G and that doesn’t charge as well on either iPod integration systems which is very odd. I thought at first it was a problem with my deck, but then it couldn’t be the same in another car. Now Scosche has come out with a solution that will let these iPods get charged like the older versions, I think it is a great solution and for a low price.

Price: $30

Link: Gizmodo

The Sanctuary

This is probably one of the best products for a tech junkie, I have a ton of wires all over the place just to charge all the gadgets. A storage solution which solves your everyday need. You can place 99% of all your gadgets in one are with your keys and wallet while it gets charged, you don’t have to have so many wires for all your gadgets. This can work in the kitchen, bedroom, desk or anywhere you want to organize. It works with 120 or 220 volts, and with that one unit it can provide power to all the items below. This really would solve a lot of my problems, the only thing is that I would want it a little bigger, that would really be cool.

Brands Supported: Apple, Audiovox, Belkin, Benq, Blackberry, Creative, Dell, Dopod, Garmin, Grundig, Helio, HP, HTC, I-Mate, Jabra, Krome, Kyocera, LG, Logitech, Mio, Motorola, Netgear, Nokia, O2, Palm , Qtek, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Tomtom, Toshiba, Ubiquio

Price: $130
Link: BlueLounge