Review: Shawarmaty in Jabriya

Finding a really good Shawarma place is surprisingly difficult, when you find a place they don’t always get it right and sometimes they only have one sandwich which is good and the other isn’t. With Shawarmaty they have both beef and chicken shawarma which are AMAZING, didn’t take long to find the place since I got both directions and an address, the only problem is that its in Jabriya and there is a lot of traffic.

I ordered three chicken and three beef shawarmas in a saj warpping, they offer the sandwich in saj and bread wrapping, I prefer the saj since its lighter and crispier. The sandwiches were done in about 20 minutes and they are pretty big, about 30 cm long so I cut them in half to get them down to a more manageable size.

As soon as I got home I unpacked the sandwiches and proceeded to, I thought I would have about three or four total of the 12 pieces that were there. By the time I was done I almost had 10 pieces of shawarma, and they were so damn tasty. So many sandwiches and an amazing sauce. The saj was perfect with them, and they honestly felt light, I just kept on eating, even thinking about it right now I’m craving them. It was the best feeling to sit on the couch full and remaining stationary watching TV shows for an hour after I was done. The best way is to call ahead and order so when you get there your order is ready.

Phone: 25331512

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Muchboos Deyay

After a long week this is one of the rewards I look forward to at home. Muchboos Deyaay is one of my favorite dishes and I try to have it at least once a week, and every time after coming back from a trip it is a must to be the first meal as soon as I get back home. Nothing fills me for the rest of the day as much as this, and losing weight doesn’t seem to be on the horizon at this point in time.

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Grilled & Corn

Keeping it light is the only way I have managed to initially drop weight, but today I felt like adding to the dish. Now my favorite vegetable is corn, I can eat that all day but after the meal you spend twice as long picking your teeth. Finding a good salad is key to filling me up without having a heavy meal thrown into the mix. In this case the salad was decent not the best in the world but it did the job of filling me up. But the corn on the cob was fantastic since it was fresh corn and I just went threw a few of them, not the whole dish of them even though I felt like it.

What I Would Have Liked:

  • Thin Crust Pizza Margarita
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Double Cheese Burger
  • Philly Cheese Steak

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Deyaay & More

Coming back from work I called ahead and told them to put lunch, as soon as I came in dropped my things in my room, I could smell the rice from two floors up. I was trying to remain calm while heading down to eat but that composure didn’t last long, I was hungry as hell and I wanted to eat like there was no tomorrow. This is probably my favorite dish, its an automatic that I have this dish after every time I travel, its a very satisfying meal and that is what I was looking for right after work.

I was watching Lie To Me while eating, I managed to catch most of the show but my attention was initially with the food. I don’t like it when its too oily or when it isn’t cooked right but this time around it was perfect, I’m a leg man so I enjoyed those drumsticks. After I was done with the meal I did what came naturally, laid down on the couch and passed out while something was playing on the tv.

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Breakfast of Kings

Woke up early in the morning, and my meeting was three hours later. I went over some of the finer points regarding the agenda, and went through some paperwork. 30 minutes and I was hungry, I ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, some chicken sausages and beef bacon. 20 minutes I heard a knock on my door, and I could smell the food. As soon as I removed the cover it looked better then I expected and tasted even better. A meal fit for a King.

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Late Night Dinner

After a long day at work I couldn’t think of anything else but food, it was a long day didn’t get back home until 8 pm. The house was empty, spoke to the family to find out there was food left for me, I was very happy since I didn’t have to wait long for food. Luckily for me it was Muchboos Deyaay (Chicken), which is usually for lunch but at that point I was happy to stuff myself silly.

Started watching the 15th episode of The Mentalist, my friend walked in since I’m supposed to fill up his hard drive with shows. I asked if we was hungry, he couldn’t believe that this was my dinner, he asked how I could eat something so heavy late in the evening. Simply enough I was hungry as hell and I could eat anything at that point, and after the meal I was laying back watching the show and enjoying myself.

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The Club Sandwich

The only benefit to being on meds for the past two weeks was eating, I know I will have to make it up later. The main thing I was having in the morning and previously at night was this amazing Club Sandwich. There was a small salad that came with it and chips, not fries but chips. And then there was the fresh strawberry milkshake that was the perfect blend of ice-cream and fresh strawberries. 

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More Deyaay

Who doesn’t like a good chicken dish, I do have to say that I do love muchboos deyaay. Coming back after work between 6 and 7 pm if its early and I consider this to be my lunch. As soon as I am full I start to feel a bit drowsy and pass out within 20 to 30 minutes, people might say that isn’t a good but it is probably one of the best naps I take during the day.

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KFC Urge

Most of the day I was in a bit of a daze, so as soon as I got home I took a nap. That nap turned into a 3.5 hour nap, from 7 pm to about 10:30 pm. I woke up hungry and still dazed, I did feel better since I got some sleep but I still had a few things that I wanted to do. I then sensed I was hungry, and I had the sudden urge for KFC. I got in my car after about half hour of laying around, drove to the KFC close by and got myself a Chicken Fillet sandwich, it hit the spot.