Pixar Grants a Dying Girl’s Final Wish

This is a heart wrenching story of a little girl who had her last wish granted by Pixar. Cancer has spread exponentially over the globe, there are some cases that can be solved and some cases that can’t. With Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old girl suffering from terminal vascular cancer, told her mom that she wanted to live to see Pixar’s Up, and her case worsened so she wasn’t able to see the movie ‘Up’ during the opening weekend. After frantic calls from friends and family to Pixar and Disney, Pixar answered the call and granted the little girl’s wish. Several hours after watching the movie Colby Curtin passed away. Pixar did an amazing thing to grant her this wish on the last day and fly somebody out to her home with a DVD of the movie to watch. Please read the whole story in the OC Register link.

Link: OC Register
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Slumdog Millionare Kids back in the Slums


There was a lot of Oscar buzz from the beginning about this movie and a lot of people loved this movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but it won almost every award. The sad thing is the kids have gone back home after all the glitz and glamour, and the only thing waiting for them there is the slums. 

The money they made from this movie is a trust fund for the boy and girl, and will be available once they are of legal age but right now they can’t access that money and their parents can’t either. It is fact that the kids will not benefit from the money in the long run if they have it now since their families will take advantage, it is a complex situation. Its heart breaking to see how these kids are living after the Oscars, check out the link below. 


Link: Cinematical