Coca-Cola Set of Three: Film, Music, & Sports From Assouline


For over a century Coca-Cola has been a touchstone of modern culture and a global icon. First sipped at an Atlanta soda fountain, the beverage has become an instantly recognizable symbol around the world, woven into people’s lives and memories. This newest addition to Assouline’s best-selling Memoire collection, Coca-Cola: Film, Music, Sports celebrates the iconic brand’s broad-reaching influence in the domains of film, music, and athletics. With imagery of some of these industries’ most revered names, and forewords penned by Ridley Scott, Quincy Jones, and LeBron James, these volumes explore the beverage’s prominence in some of the greatest films of all time, its inspiration for legendary musicians of all genres, and its motivational support of athletes from the Olympics to professional sports. This limited-edition set in a unique sculpted ice slipcase is a must-have accessory not only for collectors of Coca-Cola memorabilia but also for lovers of American culture everywhere.


Assouline is an interesting publication, they make unique books on subjects ranging from art, food, sport, marketing, history, brands, and people. Their books are always high quality with beautifully done pictures, a different perspective on a subject with lots of amazing pictures. Their books are always hardback and sometimes only a limited edition of books are made, and in this case I love the quality of their books. I don’t always buy their books right away because they are very big and heavy, not something you can carry around with you but it also depends on this subject. This book is about the influence of Coke in Sports, Film, and Music and I love all three subjects and Coke has always been one of my favorite brands. I have one Coke Assouline book and it is filled with all their old advertising and other pieces of work from Coca Cola, and I preordered this piece from Assouline as soon as I saw it.

Price: $550
Link: Assouline


Cutting Off Soda


I have had this thought of cutting back on Soda for a while now and shrinking my portions a bit. I realized that I now drink coke on a consistent basis, just telling myself that I just feel like it right now. First step of getting healthier was cutting back on all forms of soda, so when I stopped soda completely I got a headache for a few days, its the sugar levels adjusting, it was annoying but now after 10 days I dropped about 1 kilo without doing anything but stopping soda. So now the other steps is cutting back on portions which I have partially started but I really need to get into it. I have gone for a few kilo walks the few weeks but not consistently enough. Its a start and I feel good about it, but I need to keep it up, I’m not having dinner this week except for fruits, its good that I love tangerines and lots of them. Hopefully I will manage to get into a healthy system, those starving diets work to drop weight but never to keep it off for me so I’m trying to figure out what fits at this moment. And the gym will come in soon, its in the works but I need to get over a few hurdles first.

A Few Slices

Every once in a while I feel like a pizza because I don’t have to think too much of what I want. I know that pizza isn’t the best thing for me but I do feel like it every once in a while and I did the other day. I think that Papa Jones make a decent pizza for delivery, one of the better pizzas in my opinion is Pizza Express.

This time around I ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza, its the one I prefer from Papa Jones. From Pizza Express they have this creamy chicken pizza that I like. The funny part is that I probably don’t eat pizza except once or twice a month at most. The best part I think is the combination of pizza and washing it down with a swig of Coke.

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