KitKat Ice Cream?

While in London I was walking around the park and stopped at one of these small convenience stores in the park for ice cream. It was 4 degrees outside and Is till had the urge for ice cream, it tastes good and feels good, I didn’t care that it was cold outside. I wasn’t sure what to take, I wanted that vanilla with a flake sticking out but they didn’t have the machine and I saw the KitKat ice cream which intrigued me. I took a small bite off the top and then tasted the ice cream, it was really good and I ended up finishing it up in seconds. I wasn’t expecting a Kit Kat Cone!

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Back To Town!

I took the late night flight on British Airways back to Kuwait, I left when it was -1 and I was still enjoying London but work was piling up. For the past week I have been catching up with work, and handling a ton of meetings. Running around all over town from meeting to meeting, and only catching up with emails at the end of the night exhausting. I know this doesn’t seem like it will be changing any time soon. I’m looking forward to this weekend to wind down a bit.

While at Terminal 5 I went and got my VAT Refunds, surprisingly if the amount your receiving is more then 1000 pounds the store has to fax the Refund Department in the Airport, so I had a little mix up to handle. I have to say that they were very efficient, they handled my little issue and were processing my paper work very quickly, since they didn’t have a large amount to give in British Pounds they gave it to me in Euros. I enjoyed walking around Terminal 5 and its always fun walking around the stores and checking different places out.

As soon as I landed I was finishing up a few meetings, and getting some work done. People were right the weather has been lovely all week and I hope it continues like that for the next few months, at least until May.

Below Zero

The weather in London the last few days I was there it kept dropping below zero and popping back up, floating between two and three degrees, and I would still sleep with the window a bit open at night. The one thing about London is that I always feel like walking around from place to place, I loved that I had gloves, my beanie on and enough clothing to keep me warm while I’m walking. As I was walking home I spotted a Lamborghini LP-560 Roadster parked up front, and I have to say that there was something very sexy about that machine in this weather, and it looked nice and clean, I knew the guy was just visiting because I didn’t see him earlier in the day. I loved the exhaust note when he started it up, I could hear it from the living room, and off he went in the lovely cold weather.

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Crispy Cold


London is cold as usual, it ranges between 4 to 11 degrees depending the time of day and some times it rains. I love walking around in this weather. I think I’m averaging between 9 to 11 Kms a day of walking, some days I walk for hours and some days I walk because I can’t find a taxi to go home. A lot of people are going Christmas shopping crazy so you can’t find empty cabs, and I think its a little too early for Christmas shopping but its just amazing to walk. I carry my umbrella with me just in case it starts pouring but its still fun to walk around. After plugging in the local microsim into my iPad I carry it with me while walking around and I usually use my Android phone to look up directions, info, or movie times but when ever I make a stop I have my iPad just in case.

Slightly Cold Shower

There is one thing that I do enjoy in the morning more then sleeping and that is a really hot shower. I think that because its warm or hot that I spend a little bit more time there, not wanting to be cold. There is a calming feeling with that hot shower, you come out feeling less pain in your joints and refreshed. To my luck the boiler decided to stop working, and there isn’t any real indication of that. I get the shower and its warm, but not as hot as I like it, didn’t bother me that much. Two minutes into the shower the water turns ice cold and I receive the strangest shock to my system. It felt like a freezer burn, I froze up a bit, checked the levers which indicated hot and turned it hotter with no results. I had to continue the shower to clean off the shower gel and it was a unique experience, I felt so cold at one point that I felt my head spin. Wrapping myself up in a big towel once I was done did wonders for me to regain my balance, cold showers is only good after a work out but not that cold.