Cab Ride?

Only in Kuwait does someone buy a London Black Cab, get it in Beige and drive it around Kuwait. I honestly wouldn’t mind driving this car around with the guys in the back, its hilarious that someone has this as a personal car, I wouldn’t think there was one in Kuwait, I remember one of the older models but not this one. It costs £22’000 to £26’000 from the UK and I’m assuming you get 17% off for taxes if you are shipping outside the country but with shipping and customs tax in Kuwait I would assume you would get it for about 9’000 to 12’000 KD.

I still think its really cool car and probably fun to drive, I wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin. This is probably one of the few times that I have been to Tilal at night Kuwait, usually I don’t go except if I have a reason but it was packed, ridiculously packed, cars were on top of each other and so many people, but the places weren’t packed except for that one cafe in the corner. People were even standing on the corner waiting for a table to be free, I never knew it was that popular but Tilal Complex is a very nice mall, I enjoy all the design and furniture stores with a few odd ones thrown in.

Review: The Skullman

Plot Summary: Set in an alternate history of Japan, freelance photographer Minagami Hayato returns to his hometown of Ootomo to investigate rumors of a man wearing a skull mask committing murders there. Once in the city, he discovers connections between the victims and a local pharmaceutical company, a new religious sect, and strange half human, half animal creatures. Along with a young photographer, he decides to find out who the Skull Man really is. 



“Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


This anime revolves around a lot of complex thoughts and ideas, a lot of Japanese animation revolves around what has happened in their history and ties into their idea of WWI/WWII. Also what happens to towns after these devastating wars, and the same has happened in this case. Skullman is not a superhero but a dark hero born out the South East Asians Wars have taken place and the creation of Ootoma City. Whats a bit difficult is that you pick up multiple plots from the beginning of the anime and trying to figure out the connecting parts. Its a dark anime which I didn’t know from the start and things start falling into place and turns into something unexpected. Its a different anime and worth a watch you really get pulled into it. A lot of people are getting into Darker into Black and I’m looking forward to that as well.

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork