Office Depot

Since opening in Kuwait I have been to Office Depot a few times, its not 10% of the size of the Office Depots I have seen in the states but its a good change to have inside the Mall. Its come to the point where Avenues is majority clothing or food and not much else, but Office Depot is a refreshing change and I wanted to pass by to pick up some post its and paper since I was heading to the Avenues in the first place.

Its good they have a nice selection of printers, with Brothers being the one with the most features and more reasonable pricing. I like how they have a huge selection of paper and the different kinds of packaging and folders that you can have, I picked up an expandable plastic folder to use to organize my bills and other paper work. I can’t resist looking at USBs and external hard drives and they had a nice selection. Another part of the store that I really like is the pen and pencil section, I’m very particular about pens and pencils, I like to have ones which have a certain amount of ink when used on paper and how it feels. Then there was the calculator section which reminded me of my old scientific calculator and having to store formulas in the memory and all. Overall there should be a few different stores within the mall and its desperately needing a change, maybe a big book store would really help.

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Google Buzz

The simple way to explain Google Buzz is that its a feed of what your doing online, initially its all Google Related sites which is an automatic feature. Whats surprising is how Google launched this so silently with no buzz, contrary to its name. But it can be really interesting connecting all people on your list and friends list together, and following the activity of more people. Its getting a bit jumbled with Google Reader as its automatically following more people, and sometimes keeps adding them back in so Buzz is being integrated across all Google Platforms.

To Modify what your sharing go to the Buzz Page under your inbox in Gmail, right there click on view connected site to change which sites will show on your Google Buzz as well as how they are shared. You can even add individual websites so the website activity shows up on your Google Buzz. What you do want to do is stop other people who don’t know the people on your list from viewing them, its as if you are showing the world your contacts, that is a bad automated feature from Google. These steps are provided by Lifehacker but here is the simple breakdown:

Go to your Google Profile: Then click the link labeled “Edit Profile” and on that page just follow the steps below.

UnCheck: “Display the list of people I’m following and people following me

What I Dont like:

  • Automatically shows who is following you and who you are following
  • Your Google Chat conversations are put up for all to see as well as other data automatically
  • It isn’t intuitive in how to unshare certain features
  • Slightly intrudes in your privacy if you don’t know how to control it

What I like:

  • It sort of pools all your activity into one window for friends to see, from Google Reader, Flickr, Twitter, Individual Websites
  • Friends can comment on your activity and your details are kept within the Buzz page
  • For once Google introduced a new item which integrates across all their platform
  • You can really customize the details that are presented but all these details aren’t on one page

You can click on individual people to remove them from following you or you following them, and in the grey notes just under that button it will say they won’t know that you did it. Or you can it turn off Buzz completely, its all about how comfortable you are sharing this kind of information. Google is pushing into the realm of Facebook and other types of social networking but not just communication, its based on your content and what your doing, people can see and comment as well as you can comment on what there doing.

Overall I like it because its connecting friends on a different level and I’m enjoying it.

The Really Mobile Computers

A lot of companies have tried to come up with the Mini-Computers after the huge success of the EEPC which is a good balance of price and performance. Sony did make a small laptop PC but it also did cost around $2500 which is ridiculous in my opinion but these new PCs have decent performance with very reasonable price, and all ranging from $400 to $750 depending on options. I have tried a few of them for a decent amount of time and I own the HP 2133, and this is the ranking that I have given based performance and size.

  1. MSI Wind (10 Inch Screen)
  2. Acer Aspire Once (8.9 Inch Screen)
  3. Asus EEPC (10 Inch Screen)
  4. HP 2133 (8.9 Inch Screen)