Aviiq Ready Clips

Whenever I travel anywhere I end up carrying with me a bunch of wires to charge or connect all the different gadgets I’m carrying with me. Sometimes I organize them and sometimes I toss them in and they turn into a mess. After seeing these cool Aviiq wires I thought they were very cool, short and simple and they clip on to the side of your bag and about the size of a pen.These cables feature a built-in clip that holds them securely in place, a flat, tangle-free cord, a standard USB plug on one end, and your choice of mini USB, micro USB, or Apple 30-pin connectors on the other, and they are color coded so you know which one you are grabbing out of the bag. For set of two for $30 – $20 depending on the combination of the set its pretty reasonable.

Link: Aviiq

Connection Speeds in Canada

I was in Canada a little while ago and while I was there I discovered what fast was, we have been living in the dark ages. Every year for the past decade we discover one extra megabyte going faster and faster. I plugged in the ethernet cable to the laptop only to discover light speed internet connectivity and the downloads were insane. I had it for about 5 days and it was bliss, thinking that we can only have a maximum of 20 MB with fiber connectivity is something to look forward to but 30-60 MB Downloads with 57MB Uploads are what dreams are made of.

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Mass Download


The last few weeks I haven’t had a chance to sit at the computer and catch up with my tv shows and I was falling back on a few, so late at night before my flight I decided that I’m not going to be sleeping much so might as well go through all my shows and download all that I haven’t downloaded yet. So I took about 30 minutes checking which shows I had and which episodes that I didn’t and proceeded to download them. Luckily for me on Tuesday night at 1 am it didn’t seem like there were a lot of people online and I was downloading between 1100 KB/s to 1230 KB/s which is fantastic, thats on my Qnet connection. Clicked to download all my shows and left it to download before I went to sleep to wake up for my flight the next morning, but before leaving I proceeded to load up my external HD with the shows. (Click on the image above to see the download speed)

The List:

  • 30 Rock
  • 90210
  • Blue Bloods
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • Bored To Death
  • Chuck
  • Community
  • Cougar Town
  • Fringe
  • Gossip Girl
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Hellcats
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Modern Family
  • Nikita
  • Outsourced
  • Shit My Dad Says
  • Smallville
  • Sons Of Anarchy
  • Supernatural
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Defenders
  • The Mentalist
  • The Office
  • Undercovers

Qnet & Kems Connection



I have upgraded my DSL account with qualitynet to the MAX Dsl package, which ranges from 5 to 24 MB. Basically it goes to the maximum capacity of your line and I am very happy with this package. Especially that the prices have dropped drastically over the years and Qualitynet leading the pack with the price drop.

Qualitynet does have its issues but their service is solid with me, and it seems if they don’t have any MOC issues then the connection works perfectly. When there is an MOC issue you are out of luck and most the time it won’t be resolved and you are stuck with what you have, the problem is that once that happens you have already paid for your connection and are stuck with it. But in my case these lines seem to be solid for now, sometimes the MOC does mess things up.

As of right now my download speeds are ranging from 1090 KB/s to 1210 KB/s which is fantastic compared to my previous connection. This connection have been consistently stable, and it has reduced my download time of large files by 20%.



My Kems connection was upgraded to the maximum possible speed of the line which is around 7MB, and at this speed I’m downloading from 780 KB/s to 920 KB/s. Kems has the best technical support I have seen from any ISP, the guy on the other side of the phone knows what he is talking about and can help solve the question or give you a realistic answer which helps not to frustrate you more when there is a problem.

After making the payment I get an sms two days later stating that my service has been upgraded and it is now active which went very smoothly. In this case it was 40% more expensive then the Qualitynet connection but this is the maximum capability of the this current line. Oddly enough I bought this line over two years ago and its of lower quality then the line we have had for 30 years and can support much higher speeds. Between the two ISPs Kems seems to have a better consistent upload speed, and this has been my experience with it.

QNET 7MB Connection

For three weeks I have been putting my 7MB connection through the hoops. Downloading at full capacity, streaming HD content while making simultaneous downloads and uploads.

This is an example of the connection going with multiple downloads working, as you can see it peaks around 900 – 960 Kbps, when the connection was 4MB I was constantly downloading at 400 to 500 Kbps, with 7MB I’m getting a little bit more but not as stable as before. The downloads average range from 700 to 850 Kbps, but still its a lot more then before. Qnet has managed to provide a really good stable connection at this speed, meaning it doesn’t disconnect but it does slow down sometimes. I think they are working out some kinks but these speeds are pretty good for Kuwait. Now to wait for ADSL2 which is coming sometime over the next year or two to increase our bandwidth with our current MOC setup.

Qnet Back Up!

Later in the afternoon on Wednesday the internet connection was back up and it was flying! My downloads were between 700 Kbps to 960 Kbps! It was a bit erratic for a little while but I was getting some very high speeds and my FTP flew through the files I had in the list.

Now even with the full throttle downloads I can watch Youtube without any issues what so ever, which speaks volume for the speed and consistency. I hope that Qnet can continue maintaining their services. I just learned that after a line test on my other connection which has a KEMS subscription, it is maxed out at 2MB and that line is a new line, so it seems the older lines are of better quality.

Network Merge

I’m getting closer and closer to getting the network setup the way I want. I currently just received the Netgear FVS336G which will perform as an load balancing for both my ISPs.

The problem I’m having with my ADSL routers is that they won’t be able to be able to sustain this connections for a long time, and I need to restart them every once in a while, and if they are under pressure then they hang. I have a Thompson from Qnet, and Linksys from Kems but I needed to upgrade them. Going on a recommendation from a friend I am trying to find two Cisco 837 ADSL routers to use which will perform perfectly for my needs.

Link: Netgear

Torrent Slow Down

I remember this tendency back in the day when I used to download a lot, my router would freeze up and I would need to restart. Now that the Buffalo is under pressure, anything that is connected to it remains connected, but nothing else can connect to the router via wired or wireless connection. I’m sustaining a constant download of 380 to 450 Kbps throughout the day, the ISP must hate me right now, this is going to last for at least another two weeks. I find it funny that the router can’t seem to handle this much consistent throughput.