The PS4 – Sony Did It Right


Simply put Sony annialated Microsoft on their launch, seriously, so many good things and they made fun of the XBox One’s DRM Crap. 80% of all games are launched on both machines, will the exclusive games push you to one or the other?

The Main Points of the PS4:

  • $399
  • Buy or Sell
  • Don’t Need to be Online
  • No kinect thats on all the time
  • Region Free
  • Indie Developers Liking
  • Alot of Games at launch


The only reason I would buy the XBox One is for Halo, because even XBox live on XBox One is region locked, bad move on Microsoft. Even if they have the greatest exclusive games people will flock to PS4 because they made it a gaming machine. I think they forgot the main aspect of their success which is gaming, now they are looking at locking people in but I don’t think that would work. I was always buying XBox Games before if I had to to choose between the two, now it seems like I will be moving over to Sony’s camp. The first round of the big console wars has been lost by Microsoft, now lets see what they do when the device launches.


Halo – Reach – Trailer & More

This game is going to be a lot of the original Halo and something new to the game play. Now seeing the video trailer made me jump, there is going to be a SPACESHIP! I just can’t believe there is going to be a spaceship, thats going to be cool. Combat in outer space in the form of dog fighting it going to be another level of fun and madness. I just can’t wait for the game in September, they have really worked nonstop to perfect the game and from all the write ups and beta game reviews it looks like its going to be that way for sure. Watching the trailer below will get your blood pumping, it just can’t get any better.

Link: GeekTyrant

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New XBox 360

It seems they have revamped the design completely and it is up for sale at this point. They have really revamped it with all the minor improvements in one, its not a new system its just a really good revamp. If you don’t have an XBox then this is worth getting since its a very good improvement, and its also about 20% smaller then before which is always a great improvement. The built-in hard drive is needed addition, and I like all they have done but I’m surprised they haven’t included a Blu-Ray in this upgrade, I’m really not sure what they are waiting for, and if its just a matter of cost.

Major Updates

  • Touch sensitive on/off and eject buttons (like the PS3)
  • “Much quieter”
  • 250GB internal hard drive, which is still swappable
  • A custom Kinect port (not a standard USB port—it’s a USB port that can feed more power)
  • There are five USB ports now, with three in the back and two in the front
  • AV cable included, an HDMI and optical audio
  • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • Different power supply—it’s still big but nearly weightless
  • External Xbox 360 hard drives and memory units are NOT compatible with the new Xbox
  • Internal components that are changed: two small fans changed into one large fan for quieter operation, 45nm integrated CPU and GPU
  • Price at $300

Link: Gizmodo

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XBox 360 Avatar

I’m always curious to see what other people’s avatars are in XBox, especially my friends and someone came up with a fun tool to find that out. People can get really creative with their online persona, I know I wasn’t too creative with mine but I do enjoy the look.

Link: Avatar 360