The One – Overpriced


I have gone to a few places to check out furniture over the last few months. Recently I saw a couch in The One that I wanted, when I saw it in February it was around 599 KD for the 1.5 seater which is a bit on the high side for a product made in China. I left it at that, then by May I passed by again to find it for sale at around 425 KD but I didn’t have the space to get it yet. Then I went back in the end of June to check its there and found the same couch for 265 KD, that does tell me something. Now that I can get the couch its gone, and I found something similar and its at the price of 589 KD which is again ridiculous. They do have nice stuff and I went and checked out other places but didn’t find what I want. Then I saw an office chair for 199 KD at The One that I remember seeing for 60 KD a while back, I think they would sell more if their prices are a little bit more reasonable.

iPad Chair

The moment I saw this it reminded of the command chair on StarTrek The Next Generation with Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Starship Enterprise. A very comfortable chair with a very capable command console aka The iPad, everything at your finger tips and you don’t lose the use of your cup holder. Everything at your finger tips including controlling your home theater system through the Crestron, Control 4, or Home Logic systems, or even controlling a Starship if needed.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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Low Brain Activity

My Friday was a very simple day of relaxing and very little physical activity except for the morning ride which was fantastic, except that it hit 31C at 11:00 am which is too hot for February. Other then that I tried to remain as stationary as possible, the most movement was on the keyboard choosing movies and TV shows, moving to eat food too.

The Day:

  • 3.5 Hours of Riding
  • 8 Episodes of Anime
  • 1 Animated Movie
  • 1 Japanese Movie
  • 1 Movie
  • How I Met Your Mother & Cougar Town sprinkled throughout the day

Its good every once in a while to have days such as these, just entertainment and food. I went out for a bit around 6 pm to change my spot but then went back to watch some TV shows then start the movie.

In Transit!

I’m wearing jeans and the 24 sweatshirt feeling half asleep, since I haven’t been getting much sleep the past couple of days. Flew in around 9 pm into Dubai, slept a few hours, got to the airport by 5:30 am for the 8 am flight to San Francisco. 


At 5:30 am there was very little traffic, but as soon as I got into Terminal 3 it was completely packed. There are so many people walking around and a lot of flighties taking off at this time. I am the business class lounge and its full to the point that I sat with a stranger having breakfast, then took 15 minutes to find a couch which has a plug and it wasn’t taken or being slept on.  Now getting mentally prepared for a 16.5 hour flight, I am planning to finish a lot of anime and pass out very soon, and I’m hoping not to miss a meal. 


There just isn’t enough time in the day to do all that you want to do. I always have that feeling that I want to watch anime, go out, play videos or something that doesn’t involve my brain. I know of a few people who have quit jobs or taken long vacations just to bum at home for the longest time playing video games and watching movies, not just young guys but married men.

I keep looking at my XBox 360 in a strange way, thinking that there is so much to enjoy from it, but if I even switch it on, I won’t play for 30 to 40 minutes and get up, I will probably be there for at least 2 – 3 hours until I finish all the stages that I want. I haven’t had a chance to play for a while now, at least 3 months since work has gotten more hectic.

Then there is the PSP, I think the PSP is an excellent product and they have a lot of games. I remember getting the extended battery for it, and even now the last time I switched it on was at least 1 year and 6 months ago.

I think the perfect time off would be two to three months, bumming doing nothing but catching up with all forms of entertainment. Probably do some traveling to go to a few tracks here and there to ride my bikes.

Eclosion Pump Up Sofa

Now this is an interesting couch, it looks very comfortable and the surprising part is one side can be pumped up so that this turns from a couch to a bed. Its not yet available for sale, but it sure looks damn comfortable after a long day. The rest of the room would need a funky style for this to fit in.

Link: OhGizmo