Review: Harry Brown

Harry lives in public housing block in London, a retired soldier who lives a daily dull life between the pub and his apartment. Harry Brown is movie of a man who was pushed too far, surrounded by thugs and gangsters who took things a little too far, the man snapped and his rampage cleaned up the streets, and take vengeance for his friend. Who ever thought that the butler of Batman/Bruce Wayne could kick so much ass, and every kill is for a purpose. This is a gritty unapologetic violent movie meant to show the state of the public housing and how one man was pushed to act, movies such as these are rare these days, a slow start but insane finish, a movie worth watching.

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What I’m Watching


There are a lot of TV shows out there right now! Some pretty good and some that don’t seem to be surviving with their ratings. There are a lot of other shows that I am waiting to see for the summer, and in the summer I catch up with all the shows I didn’t have a chance to watch regularly. I’m saving up 24 after watching the first four hours to watch it one shot, I can’t take the wait in between the episodes, I would go nuts, I’m planning on watching it all one shot in “24” hours before the series finale. Lots of good comedies this year which is good, and some good shows just got better but I need to catch up on other shows as well.

The Regulars

  • 24
  • 30 Rock
  • 90210
  • Accidentally on Purpose
  • Chuck
  • Fringe
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Smallville
  • Supernatural
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Mentalist
  • White Collar

To Be Watched:

  • Burn Notice – Waiting for the Season to Finish
  • Caprica – Just Starting
  • Friday Night Lights – Going to Catch up
  • Gossip Girl – Going to Catch Up
  • Stargate Universe – Just Starting
  • Weeds – Going to Catch Up

Good but Might Not Survive The Cut:

  • Flash Forward – Love This Show
  • V – This Show Has To Go On! It Can’t End!!

Review: The Lost Symbol

The Dan Brown books are all getting hyped up after the success of the Da Vinci Code, then the release of the movies, they all got caught up in the hype. I was one person who preordered the booked months before its release on Amazon, my expectations were extremely high but they were not met. I took my time reading this book and enjoying it, it had its moments. You get a real view of the Freemasons, what they believe in, what they do, and what secrets they hold. Robert Langdon is dragged into another mystery, he is trying to figure out the mysteries as events are taking place and people are dying. Things were taken step by step, the funny part is that I was imagining Tom Hanks the whole time when reading this book, you get caught up in an interesting way, but you don’t get pulled into the story as you do the other books. There are books that engage you and you can’t put down, this didn’t achieve that like its predecessors, it was an entertaining book and a fun read but the story just had too much fluff, some parts were unnecessary and could’ve been done without. Overall I wasn’t bad, but I had high hopes, even the ending was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m crossing my fingers for the next one.

Link: Amazon

Lie To Me

After 13 episodes it was a peak of an ending, Dr. Lightmen has the ability to read people’s facial expressions and body language to tell if they are lying or telling the truth. From episode to episode each story is unique in showing how his skills manage to unravel the problems that he faces from person to person. The ending is pretty good in pointing out there will be more to come. This is one those unique shows that I think anyone will enjoy, and if you haven’t started watching it then you should.

Link: TV

Review: The International

There is a lot more going on with this IBBC then you can see on the surface, the IBBC is a major International Bank providing financial services and brokering deals for countries and organizations. Clive Owen is Louis Salinger and he has been after the IBBC for years but he has faced obstacle after obstacle with witnesses being killed and the case being stonewalled. It’s an action passed movie with so many conspiracies tied together, a great movie with Clive Owen doing a superb job.

Link: IMDB

Review: Flawless

Now this turned out to be an interesting movie, I never even heard of it last year. Demi Moore hasn’t been in a good movie in a while, and this movie surpasses her usual quality by far, she is unusually good in this movie. Michael Caine played a vital role in the movie adding a touch of class and mystery. With this combination they turned one of the biggest heist of history into a great movie. You really get a picture of the England during that time and the monopolies these people had in businesses and what a woman faced in the business world.

Link: IMDB


Review: Last Of The Good Guys – John Carbone

Starts off in the early 70s with a lot of Italian families just moving into the lives of the Italian culture in that time. The story is told from Marco’s point of view, and he was a young kid that had brains but gets into some trouble. After leaving his home he moves in with his cousin, and they go into the pot selling business with a group of friends. Its a first person narrative organized crime story but with a different twist. You get a feel of the time around them and how things were at the time. The author does a good job of telling the story which is different then usual, but I had higher expectations. There were some parts which get you racing and you keep flipping the page to find out whats coming next. Then there was a period where you felt that the pace slows down too much, it really a little tiring that the pace was not constant so it didn’t captivate me as much as I thought it would. It is a good book, but I do feel there are better organized crime fiction books out there.

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