Aventador J – A Sports Bike Built For Two

I do love when companies build machines totally out of passion for the machine and not the ecomonics behind it. This is Lamborghini Aventador J is made from pure passion and you look like you are getting into a jet fighter hybrid about to take off, flying cars from the future should look like this. It has the same guts as the LP 700-4 but Navigation.. Gone, Climate Control.. Gone, and they tried to make it as light as possible. Surprisingly this machine is or was up for sale, and it sold for 2.1 Million Euros, if I had that kind of money I would have bought it and to the lucky guy enjoy. This machine is a one off, none will be made other then this one.

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Lego Desert Eagle Mark XIV

I couldn’t have the real one so I went for the Lego version. Every once in a while I roam about Ebay searching randomly for things and sometimes I find some interesting items. Only this time around I found a Desert Eagle Mark XIV made out of Lego, it looked amazing, and it was a custom design from a Swedish seller. This called out to my inner child, I do love Lego and the I have to admit it was really cool so I bid for it and got it.

It got delivered about two weeks ago but the other day I was looking at it and decided to try to finish it one go. Thats my problem with Lego and other items, whenever I start something I have to finish it, I literally obssess over it and in this case it wasn’t so big so I knew I would finish it in a few hours. These instructions were a bit harder then usual but still excellent considering one guy put them together. I managed to put the Lego Desert Eagle together in about 3 hours, half the time was spent looking for the right part but at the end it looks insanely real.

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Impoz Speed Triple

Looking at this machine you wouldn’t have a clue what it is, it is a very interesting looking creature and I love the stance and design of the machine. Originally this is a Triumph Speed Triple, one of the most successful bikes of the Triumph stable, it has a very unique look to it, and very few people usually customize this type of machine. It seems that the Speed Triple caught the eye of Benjamin Blanchard, a 27-year-old graphic designer from Cannes, in the South of France.

He did an amazing job of customizing all the pieces with carbon fiber and to rework the body and molding to give it this uniquely aggressive and clean look. The engine didn’t require work as the Speed Triple has wonderful engine, but with all the carbon fiber panels and custom pieces that were made this machine became that much lighter and performs better.

Link: Bikexif

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Confederate Black Flag

There are a lot of custom bike makers out there, but the most unique and modern creations come from Confederate Motorcycles, the new Confederate Black Flag which is the P120 Fighter in Matte Black. Only 13 special editions will be made of this machine and 4 are already reserved.

For a work of art chiseled out of bare metal it takes off pretty quickly with 160 bhp and 145 lbs-ft of torque. Again no pricing is announced but I’m assuming that you would need to take a loan for a house to buy it. I love this machine, damn it looks like one mean machine.

Link: Asphalt & Rubber

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Custom Dinobots Combinor “Extinction” Model

I don’t know what these custom builders are up to, first it was Omega Supreme, and now the Dinobots Combinior “Extinction”. Frenzy_rumble, the artist behind this model, put together an idea he had about the Dinobots and created this awesome model. Previously I always just remembered Grimlock and the Dinobots, they were clumsy but they were powerful autobots, not the smartest bunch but you wouldn’t want to be on their bad side. This model is a combined version of all five Dinobot the limbs, Slag, Snarl, Swoop and Sludge, form around their leader, Grimlock, who forms the torso and combine into the massive robot “Extinction.” I love the “DYNO” and “MYTE” on each hand!

In the original fiction, the Dinobots were the Autobot’s wrecking crew. If it was big and needed to be dead in minutes, you’d call for these boys, but unlike other subgroups that came later, one thing these guys couldn’t do was combine into a bigger robot. Customizer frenzy_rumble aims to change all that with this beautiful piece of toy.

Link: Tomopop

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Smart Tank


Now this would be a site to see, Smart Tanks being sold, too bad this is just a custom car that is completely the opposite of the Smart car concept. It looks like a little lovely piece of destruction and probably a lot of fun to drive, but turning would be a hassle so I would recommend running over things instead.

Link: Gizmodo

The BatPod from the Dark Knight

Batpod Custom Motorcycle Batman Movie Prop Dark Knight

Many men would have loved to get their hands on the BatPod and now they have their chance. One company made a custom one-off custom BatPod based on the movie, its not from the company that made the BatPod for the movie but damn it looks identical. If I had 100’000 I would make that purchase without a second thought, adding to it a real Batmobile and Tumbler to have the coolest garage known to man. Its run by a 650cc water cooled engine, and from I read a while back it doesn’t ride like a motorcycle, its a little different due to its size and shape of the tires.

Link: GunJap

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The Arrival of the Nexus One

I ordered the phone after seeing the post on Uptill1, I wasn’t keen on it right away but after reading the specs I decided to jump onboard to the Android platform. Also because my Sony Ericsson phone now hangs whenever it feels like and lets me access my contacts when it feels like, so its time for a change.

I really like the clean packaging of the box, you open it up and see the phone as it has been in all the blurry images. The Nexus One is a lot bigger then I expected, its just as big as the iPhone but a lot thinner which is nice, compared to the Blackberry 8900 Curve its thing but tall.

Now the process begins to transfer the contacts to Android platform, and I know you get really tied up with your Gmail account because of this. Now I have to figure out a solution to transfer 800+ contacts from my old Sony Ericsson phone to my Nexus One, I have a feeling it will not be a pleasurable experience. You would think that after all this time someone would come up with a software to transfer contacts without any mistakes that you may face, and I know that outlook process is a bit on the retarded side, it doesn’t take all the information of your contacts, if one contact has more then two to three numbers assume a few of the details will be disappearing, overall its going to be annoying. Other then that I am really looking forward to trying this phone it got a lot of good reviews, and what criticism it did get it doesn’t bother me.

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Confederate P120 Fighter

From the guys who created the Wraith, the new Confederate P120 Fighter looks like it was chiseled out of one block of metal. 160 bhp and 145 lbs-ft of torque this bike will go pretty quick.

It has some similarities to the Wraith but its one unique machine with a 1966cc engine. No price yet but I’m assuming you would have to give up an organ for this machine.

Link: AsphaltandRubber

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Hurst Competition/Plus Challenger

The Challenger SRT 8 is already a powerful car, but Hurst is taking it a step further. I don’t know why but I can picture myself driving this car with the tunes of Dukes of Hazard playing in the background. Hurst has a package for this car to bump it up to 572 bhp with all the tweaks you would like, and I really like this blue color scheme. It has this classic but new look to it that I think Dodge got right in the design.

The package includes:

  • Eibach suspension system
  • Magnaflow exhaust system
  • Hurst 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Color-matched leather inserts and stitching for the interior
  • Matte black exterior accents
  • Competition/Plus short throw shifter with the classic white ball

It will be available in B5 Blue, Hemi Orange, Tor Red

Link: Autoblog

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