Crippled With Out A Phone


While traveling the last couple of weeks I was walking to a store when my Nexus 4 slipped out of my pocket and landed face first into the concrete side walk in Los Angeles. The phone had a protective cover so I thought that it would be fine even when I heard the flat splat when it hit. I picked up the phone and saw that lovely crack across it.

The was crack across a quarter of the screen, I could have lived with that until I got it fixed but then only 1/4 of the screen work, the other 3/4 of the touch screen didn’t work, so I literally couldn’t access anything on that part, all I could do was see the notifications and go to them and get stuck.

I went nuts, unlike the iPhone not everyone can fix a Nexus 4 or have the parts. It was Saturday afternoon I had to go travel on Sunday and they wouldn’t be able to fix it until Tuesday, and I was at loss, I would be back in Los Angeles in a week but still no phone for a week.

So I went into TMobile and picked up a Nexus 4 for $500, locked to Tmobile and my line was Tmobile, even though Google unlocked sold for $350 but I was in a spot where I didn’t have much options so I got it and signed in with my Gmail account which automatically downloaded all my Apps which were on my Nexus 4. Loved that, I love that Google did that automatically and I just left it to the wifi for an hour to get everything working again.


The only thing I was crippled with was WhatsApp wasn’t working and that was my main mode of communication with family and friends. The reason it didn’t work is because WhatsApp groups I was associated with and people, are with my Kuwait line and they send a msg to that line, and this phone only accepts Tmobile lines not Zain. So I was out of touch of WhatsApp for a while.

I read somewhere that people can handle their cars being stolen, but they can’t handle their phone being stolen. I now really believe in that, in Kuwait I have a few other phones to back me up and I could be up and running in a few hours, in this case I was stranded and lost for a while, I couldn’t even call a few people because I didn’t have the numbers memorized.

I knew that Tmobile had a 30 day return policy and all they would take is a $50 restocking fee which I thought was worth it in this case after getting my phone fixed. But it took a bit longer and I had to live without WhatsApp and honestly it felt pretty good to be a bit disconnected while I was traveling, not totally disconnected but at least not my phone dinging every 30 seconds.

My screen was fixed but the battery was acting strange and the back plate was still cracked but I was very happy to have things back to normal. But it was very annoying situation to be in

My Canon G12 Bit The Dust

This is one of the final hits the G12 has taken and it looks like it was the last one. Canon G12 Series is heavy duty and can take a beating, but the other day I forgot that I left it on my bike jacket and pulled the jacket out of the car. It took a nasty fall onto concrete and I thought it wouldn’t work, but it worked fine but then it kept getting worse, the screen would only work if I pressed hard and took a picture, if I didn’t press on it the picture would be distorted too. I’m honestly very annoyed that I was careless, I have had this camera for so long and it has been best all round point and shoot I have ever had, and even now that I’m getting the G15 I still wanted to keep using the G12, I might be tempted to pick up a used one just because it really is that good of a camera. My G11 went out almost the same way so its frustrating to see these cameras just sitting there and the only place that fixes them is in the US and no where else.

Gear Issues

I was driving out of my house on Friday early morning going to pass by some the family. As I was getting to the light there was a small jolt while it was down shifting, didn’t think much of it. When the light turned green I stepped on the gas, but the car didn’t shift into gear. I was slightly in perplexed and wasn’t sure what was going on, I switched the car on and off. It drove but as if the gear was barely catching so I went back home and parked the car. It was a Friday and the dealership was closed, so I had to wait until Saturday to take the car in. I called the flatbed to come pick up the car and it arrived around 7:30 am and I went with it to the dealership. 

I had one worry during this time, I’m sure the gear wasn’t damaged since it was shifting into all the gears. It could have been the hydraulic pump or the clutch or something else. My main worry was that GulfRun is in about three weeks and there is no way I can miss it, I have been looking forward to it for months now. I spoke to the service man and then I pass by again around 1:00 pm, and called back around 2:30 pm. The final diagnosis and they verified it after they took the transmission down is that my clutch was at the end of its life.  The workshop manager asked me how was I driving the car, I told him “lightly” and started laughing. Luckily there was one part in stock and they will fix it right away, the whole process takes about 3 days due to the complexity of the location. Hopefully that is the only thing that is broken, and I can have the car back on the road soon.