Delays Because Of Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

A lot of people have either friends or family stuck in this strange situation. I never knew that Volcano can do this much damage, I just remembered that helicopters get clogged in it from Dante’s Peak but other then that I never knew the rest of the stories that have been flying around. The reason they grounded all the planes and halted all travel to the European airports is because of the ash in the air, all the way up to 40’000 feet so the planes can’t fly over it or under it, and if they flew through it they may not make it through. Ash is basically made up of grounded rock, glass, and sand which acts like sand paper against the body of a plane and cement when going through the plane engines. The blades on the engine are also sanded down which causes more friction then causes the engine to catch fire which in turn destroys the engine. After a plane fly’s through the ash it comes out looking like a bare metal plane sanded down to its core, that’s if it makes it through the ash. Now with a lot of planes grounded, all types of water and ground transportation has been overloaded. Everyone trying to get across via boat or train to one location or another is insanely full. Even the transportation companies in all the different European countries are charging exuberant prices because they know some people will pay for it in this extreme situation. And all these delays are having an affect on many countries which aren’t directly affected by the ash.

Kuwait’s businesses and people have been affected by this delay but people don’t realize to what extent. I kept asking about these delays and it really added up very quickly as to the extent of the effect.


  • Delays from delivery companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Aramex, UShopWeShip, SkyNet, and TNT. You can’t get any of the packages in your mailbox and if you need send something via courier it isn’t going anywhere for this moment in time.
  • A large amount of meats, fruits, and vegetables aren’t being flown in, we ate at Meat Co and there were some steaks which weren’t on offer because they weren’t delivered.
  • Many flowers aren’t offered at flower shops because flights can’t take off from Holland

I really think they should rename the Volcano, I think it needs more vowels to make an audible sound.

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Kuwait Traffic

Somebody explain what the hell happened on Monday evening. From 5 pm onwards the police started blocking every road around Bayan Palace and every highway that could possible lead to it. In the diagram above anything in Dark Grey was empty highways because the police blocking off all exits, and anything in Red is EXTREME traffic due to the police blocking of those roads in Dark Grey.

There was no notification what so ever of this traffic or that the police were going to be blocking off roads. I read the newspapers and there was no mention of this, there is a meeting in Bayan Palace with people coming from out of state. This caused havoc on the roads of Kuwait for several hours, I hated being outside due to this hellish traffic. The usually 20 minute trip took me an hour and 10 minutes, and a 15 minute trip took one hour in the car. I went nuts sitting in a car going 10 kph, and knowing the traffic is being cause by the idiots who didn’t plan this out. They should have a fleet of helicopters to transport these dignitaries instead of causing over 7 hours worth of traffic without any warning.