Tooth Removal Session


After about two weeks of back and forth and having the time to get the work done I went over to Kuwait Medical Center in Old Salmiya over XCite Electronics. First day I got some XRays done and I needed to get on antibiotics before getting the tooth removed, she said it would require surgery to remove the tooth so she would prefer I’m on antibiotics.

The next day when I came in it still hurt and I was looking forward to having it removed. The tooth is the moler on the left side, lower deck, the one right next to the wisdom tooth. The Doctor leaned me back on the seat and told me that it would hurt a bit and explained what she had to do. When she put a hair net on my head (I am bald) that freaked me out a bit since it got a little more serious at the dentist then I’m used to. They also got into full gear and fully covered, and started with the big metal needle to inject the anesthesia into my and around the tooth. Three full needs and 5 minutes later I can not feel a thing and loved it.

She started with the surgery and I could feel the minor cutting around the tooth, and because the state it was in she had to break it up to pull it out. It came out with one big piece and two small pieces, and it required a screw driver looking tool to push it out, it didn’t come out gently. I had a feeling because of the hour and 30 minutes that my mouth remained open that I would be hurting the next day but I was wrong I was hurting 3 hours later and majorly incapacitated. I was given Pronstan for the pain and told I can take Tylenol with it every 4 hours, with my antibiotics on schedule.

I was hungry as hell when I left and my jaw was completely numb and started feeling that my hunger since I didn’t eat all day. She told me exactly what was going to happen and I would feel a good amount of pain the next day and I would also look like a chipmunk which I did. I’m just happy that it is over and I’m only eating soft foods at the moment but I’m looking forward to eating a lot of other foods when I can, I have been craving everything recently.

No Crest

This has turned into a very annoying chase! I’m the type of person that doesn’t like changing his tooth paste, once you like one and it does the job you stick to it. I have been using this Crest Mint Fresh for the past couple of years, the only reason I changed to this because the one I was using from the US isn’t available here and I got used to this one. I remember buying at least half a dozen and keeping them in storage, I noticed this was the last one I had. For the past two weeks I checked two Sultan Centers, a couple of pharmacies, Boots, and Carrefour but none of them had it. I originally bought it from Boots, but I noticed that Boots seems to have a lot of product changes, one day they carry the product and you like it, then the next they no longer carry it. Now I have to look for something which is minty fresh and not too heavy, I don’t like most versions of Crest and Colgate because they taste like something pasty or clay.