Kotobukiya Colossus

Kotobukiya make some very cool models and highly crafted pieces of art for their Comic and Anime fan. In my case I have been a huge fan of Colossus from the X-Men for a very long time. I always thought that he was nearly invincible with his Adamantium Skin and size, I always felt that they didn’t give him a big enough role in the movies, not just the core X-Men team, they have others to choose from who can make X-Men an even darker story.

Well after seeing a few models from Colossus over the years, this was the perfect one, slightly more on the modern design of Colossus from the more recent X-Men and his body and head are proportionate. I love the expression on his face, makes him look even more Bad Ass. The perfect spot on my shelf I see him when ever I walk into my office. At this rate I’m going to need a museum for all these models.

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Aviator Wing Desk

This is the definition of 50s sexy, I love this desk and how retro it looks, it was inspired by the bent wing of a plane. I have always been interested in furniture made out of airplane parts, and this desk is an amazing piece. Built from a hardwood frame surrounded by polished aluminum patchwork, the uncommon desk has a genuine, surprising metal exterior with exposed screws. I really love it, it would be the perfect desk to that unique room, and for $2000 it isn’t bad at all, the chair is called the spitfire (based on the british fighter plane) and it costs $995. What an amazing job by Restoration Hardware.

Link: FresHomes

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Office Reorganization


Cable management is a headache that I have to deal with, and its one of the major problems that I have to deal with it. After some time I’m gonna reorganize my machines and all the connections since there are a few redundant items that I need to get rid off. I want to run all the wires together to make sure they all fit perfectly instead of the gridlock that I get to behind my desk.

Now I want to upgrade from my 22″ inch screens to the new Dell 27″ inch screens which are amazing. But I have to email the manufacturer to see if the Ergotron dual screen mount can left the weight of each.

Then I have a lot of CDs & DVDs in storage, the DVDs I want to keep but the CDs I honestly don’t want to keep. And I’m too damn lazy to rip them to the computer. So I have to figure out what I want to do with them. I only buy a few CDs every 6 months now, but the ones I have are really old and I only wanted one or two tracks from them.

Spotlight Desk

A simple very appealing piece of furniture, no complications with this desk. A desk like this would be in an area where I wouldn’t use my computer, some to write rather then have your computer sit on it. A desk like this makes me want to draw or write, or sit there with my laptop until the battery died. It would also need a cool chair to complement it. A large 58″ x 28″ to lay all your paperwork and items, I would have another desk as the computer desk and this is the brainstorming desk. 

Price: $500
Link: UnCrate

Computer Routine

Some people tend to sit on their computer before sleeping or using it as soon as they wake up, I do both. I think I’m addicted to my machines, its a funny routine I go through before regular browsing. Every person has a routine, I tend to have mine, I check torrents being downloaded to the server, then checking my downloads and whats left to be downloaded. As soon as I’m done checking my emails, posts, and regular surfing, I start to organize my downloads. I extract multiple files, and start moving the extracted files to the server and during this period the resources of the PC are pretty much fully used. I leave the PC for about 1.5 hours to finish up all that I’m moving. Its very satisfying to get everything organized, feels like your day is productive and I like  to make sure my connection is fully utilized.