NotNeutrel City Plates

Usually when walking around in shopping departments or shopping malls I see all kinds of different plates, and there are many that I like, some are fun, some nice, and many are very tacky, but the City Plates from Not Neutral are fun and original. From These stylish porcelain plates are gathered under the “City Plates” collection and feature maps of famous city centers. You can easily see these cool vivid maps on the large plates, seeing the lines of different cities. Their design is impeccable and the contrast between the black or white background and the strong colors is quite lovely. Rome, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Cairo, Dubai, New Orleans are just some of the cities featured in this set. Its a total set of 20 and for $900 I think its very reasonable compared to a lot of plate sets out there.

Link: NotNeutral

Food @ The Chedi – Oman

While in Oman I tried keeping to this diet, or trying to eat light throughout this whole trip. I just made sure that whatever I ate that was really good I would walk it off, and I took the opportunities to enjoy the fish and all forms of crustaceans. To say that the food at The Chedi hotel in Muscat is exquisite is a huge understatement. The service itself was top notch, probably one of the best service I have had in a while, they were all very helpful and accommodating on all forms but the food was just something else.

Breakfast in the morning was a large selection not including what you could order from the kitchen. I had fresh cheeses and turkey, labnah and breads, all kinds of juices. Then came the scramble eggs, they turned the food into an art form and it tasted so good I wanted more. The lunch was amazing, I can’t remember the last time I had lobster and since having it there I kept asking for it. The meal was amazing and the each dish was better then the other. Their Tiger Prawns were huge, bigger then normal and everything just tasted so fresh. I’m going to have to visit their again just for the food and this time not on business so I can enjoy it and relax while their instead of running back to the hotel and eating then heading back out again.

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Late Night Dining

Long days in the seminar made me very hungry and tired, a friend of mine joined me in most of the outings. I would come back and then go straight out not wasting anytime, I knew that if I spent a minute in the room I would pass out right away. We walked around Dubai mall the other day with so many shops open but very few quality restaurants open we decided to eat back at the hotel. The best part of staying at the Grosvenor House is knowing the consistent quality of their room service even late at night. I think I could smell the tray coming to the room door as I am just sitting there getting hungrier, but it was worth the wait, and the best part is that they don’t take too long.

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