Bouhamra Clinic

Its a little while since I went for a check up, at least some blood work to see whats going with me. So I decided to go to BuHamra Clinic just off of fourth ring road while entering Salmiya. I was going for a full check of everything you can think off that would can be made from a blood and urine sample. The whole thing didn’t take more then 45 minutes with the preliminary results. Overall everything turned out to be good, I thought my cholesterol might be off the charts due to eating so much meat but it wasn’t bad, and my iron level was a little on the high side but thats better then being on the low side. The Clinic is owned by Dr. Mohammed Buhamra who is a famous dermatologist, but this was just a check up so I didn’t need to see him. Some tests will be sent to Paris and the results will be out in about 8 days and then I won’t have to do another check up in a while. At least my blood test doesn’t seem I’m overweight, it says I’m in pretty good health.

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Shooting Pain

Right about in the afternoon I got some strange feeling in my left leg, just ignored it and kept doing what I was doing. Later on in the day towards 3:30 pm the pain got worse, and its a strange feeling. It didn’t feel like a joint or muscle pain, it was a strange throbbing pain the increased or decreased in pain. I was doing anything suddenly I would feel a shooting pain at the top of my left leg, and if I stood it made no difference, I tried walking it off but that didn’t help much. Later on the evening the pain increased to a immobilizing amount, I couldn’t really ignore it since it would stop me from walking and I would lean on the wall. I called up a friend and he told its one of a few things which I couldn’t remember their names, but he said its probably tendinitis and if that’s the case then I should just rest, if it consists until next morning I should come in to have it checked out. Based on his recommendation I put some deep heat and I’m hoping to pass out, but it was really annoying.

The Update

To be exact, that picture shows EXACTLY how I looked when I woke up in the morning. I was worse off then when I went to sleep at night, I couldn’t swallow and it hurt like hell. My left side was all puffed up and my neck muscle was killing me so that wasn’t helping. I called the doc around 10 am and was going to pass by around 12pm, and he remembered when I showed him the lump the first time. This time it was huge lump and my neck was killing me, it was hard to get up because it took a lot of energy to move my big head, you never realize how heavy your head is until this happens. At this point in time I can’t swallow anything, it practically hurts to move, and the towel I had wrapped around my neck was pretty damp from my sweat. At least I don’t have a fever anymore and I was happy when he came along. 

He prescribed the following:  

  • Augmentin (Antibiotics)
  • Prednisolone (Anti-inflamation)
  • Di-Antalvic (Pain Killer)
These are all french meds and they might have equivelents in Kuwait or other areas. I had a strong dosage of antibiotics from the first day and it has really helped over the course of the pain. The size has decreased by at least 30% and I’m no longer in constant pain.