Bambu Pet Hammock

Kickstarter has turned into a very creative site with a lot of interesting ideas and projects, and now a pet product has come to light. The Bambu Pet Hammock is in its development stages and looks like a very cool and excellent hammock for your pet. Through Kickstarter its $125 now and later when its in normal production it will sell for $160. I think its a very comfortable looking piece of furniture for your pet as well, this is the right reward for your pup after he has graduated from the best bark collar training, now that he’s a good boy he can rest like us. The hammock is a great addition to any pets home, being washable and functional.


Link: PetLoungeStudios

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Wafra Outing

It was raining in the city so we decided not to go riding, I worked on a few things before heading out to Wafra for lunch. The weather was perfect, a nice cold chill, a few layers of clothing, a hoody and I am good to go. These long drives have given me a good reason to clean up and work on my playlists, they do need some sorting and adjusting, I keep finding songs that I have completely forgotten about over the past few decades but now I’m getting them back into rotation. Getting the playlists right makes some of them perfect for all kinds of drives and listening to the perfect song when I’m driving, find some good oldies.

This time Bu Jasim was taking care of lunch so I was looking forward to what was on the menu. As usual I was enjoying the drive, and since it has recently rain the ground was solid except for a few soft spots to avoid. I was enjoy the bouncy ride, its like riding on clouds, and as soon as I got in there were more people this time then last time. What surprised me were the dogs, small & big (people) brought their dogs, caramel was the small one, I forgot the labrador name but it was a lot of fun too. The funny part is that labrador only understood Arabic commands, which was amazing, and caramel was a friendly small dog that just walked around and found comfort where he could. Lots of people, perfect weather with a cool breeze, the best part was the tea after the meal and relaxing outside. I can never get enough of this perfect weather and desert, a dose of this every once in a while is perfect.

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Dogs in Athens

I had a quick trip to Greece for a day and half, with some meetings the first day and my flight back the next afternoon. So I took the oppurtunity to walk at night and snap pictures, and next morning to head to the Acropolis. There is a lot I have to say about Athens and Greeks, I wondering why I haven’t come here before, but what astounded me were the dogs. There are so many dogs and stray dogs in Athens, and a huge majority of them are treated very nicely. Take a look at this full list here of the best CBD products to treat your pets. Visit this site for more information.

Greeks are very humane to most animals, but they are very friendly to dogs. At first I thought a lot of dogs belonged to certain people but that wasn’t the case, these dogs would just tag along with people for a bit then head back. I saw this at the parlaiment building, and then again when I was heading up to the Acropolis the next morning. Its a beautiful city with so much to see, so many areas, and very nice people. All these dogs were very nice, you could easily approach them, some had collars and it seemed they were dogs of a certain location and people were nice to them, it was really nice to see that, there were a lot of jolly dogs.

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The Dogs

While at my friends place Penny and Poochi would always come out running, and there is Bully but he just wouldn’t sit still. I’m not the type of guy to like small dogs, I always liked big dogs who are fun and jump around but I have to say that I have taking a liking to these guys. They come running to me and you hear this tick tick tick when they are walking on the hard wood floors and its funny, they are jealous of each other.

Bully is another dog, he has this dumb look across his face but he does have his good points. And these three run around and make a huge mess where ever they go. I just find them funny, but after the third day of seeing them while in Lebanon and taking a break between all the work its easy to get used to them. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the tv and the little guys would just want to sit on my lap.

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I’m always looking for good photography shots, too see what others have done or the angles they take the shots. I came across these pictures and was amazed at how alive they are. I have to admit that I love Huskies, they are just amazing looking dogs and very friendly with beautiful eyes, I think thats what drew me to the pictures. Click the link for a lot more interesting pictures.

Link: BigPicture