Jaguar F-Type Hands On


I had a chance to get my hands on the Jaguar F-Type, the newest sports vehicle from Jaguar. The funny part is that when I got the car the first thing a friend of my uncle said to me was congratulations on the Aston Martin, he couldn’t believe it was a Jaguar. The first time I ever wanted a Jaguar was in the late 90s with the XKR came out, that was a beauty, and now I have to admit this is one beautiful looking machine. I not keen on the soft-top convertibles but they said the hard top convertibles will be out next year.


The car looks good from all angles honestly, and i really like the way they made the exhaust for the V6. For a smallish car there is a lot of space in the interior, but don’t expect any space in the trunk, especially if the top is down.


Getting in the car it really is spacious, more then I expected and I like the central console layout. The A/C & Gear controls are all buttons with the infotainment system integrated into the main screen. there is the usual Audio and Phone controls in the steering wheel. When your in sport mode you can shift the car from the F1 Paddles or from the gear lever itself which I really liked when I was driving.


Now the best part of the car is when it is in sport mode, the exhaust opens up, and it is loud, the right type of loud. You can’t help but want to go faster just to hear it around the corner and i loved the tone of that exhaust. For once I don’t think I would change the exhaust of this sports car, its perfect for it.


The handling of the car is just as fun, it really has a good grip. You feel that it is holding on even when your accelerating around a bend and pushing the car. That really surprised me, at certain times I was driving at idiotic speeds just to see how much it can go, and this car could go.


The infotainment system on the car is impressive, it’s simple enough to use but with a lot of features, makes it easy to navigate. The navigation maps are very clear and simple to use, I tried it out a few times and it worked perfectly. Bluetooth integration worked very well, I was streaming Sirius XM & Spotify from my Samsung S4, and I did the same with an iPhone and my Windows phone. Even controlling the songs through the steering wheel controls.


I honestly would not buy a Jaguar, there are just too many other better options in my opinion, also because Jaguar never made a car that I would want or need. But in this case more then a decade after the original Jaguar XKR they made the F-Type and if the V6 is this much fun I wonder how it feels to drive the V8. The V6 ranges from 22’000 KWD to 30’000 KWD, and the V8 ranges from 29’000 KWD to 38’000 KWD.


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Dubai Taxis – I Want To Run Them Off The Road


Over the last two years I have been driving more and more in Dubai, following the speed limit is hard but at least traffic is moving. And because there are an insane amount of cameras I honestly don’t know the speed threshold of the cameras, like in Kuwait you can go to about 20 km over the speed limit and the camera won’t go off, I don’t know how it is in Dubai. I have had one speeding ticket in two years which isn’t too bad, it was for going 100 in a 60, when I thought the speed limit was 80, it was a 600 AED fine which isn’t too bad after all that time.

The taxis in Dubai are something else, they cut you off, lean on you and get aggressive on the roads especially at hotel and mall entrances. Especially just on my last trip these guys were acting like idiots trying to get into an entrance which is barely moving because there was so much traffic. At one point I just started pushing the car through without a second thought, in Kuwait they wouldn’t even come close to pulling something like that but in Dubai they act like crazy drivers and it keeps getting worse. Dubai is supposed to have the most organized taxi service, and I use them a lot but when they drive on the road they are maniacs.

Sixt Car Rental Dubai

Traveling to Dubai for the day is one of those fun things that we do every once in a while, and this time we rented a C-Class Mercedes from Sixt Rent-A-Car so that we can drive where we want to and I can get a bit more familiar with driving in Dubai. One of the hardest things is driving the speed limit because I don’t know what are the thresholds for the speed cameras in Dubai, in Kuwait its around 15 kph above the speed limit, so I kept braking every kilometer and I wasn’t sure what some of the cameras might look like since they install new kinds every day. The experience with Sixt was a bit annoying even though we got a brand new very clean car, the whole process was annoying.

  • When we booked and spoke to them we discussed all the points with them so everything was clear.
  • They mentioned we would pick up the car right away from Terminal 3 with no delay, turns out they didn’t have a station in that Terminal only in Terminal 1 so we had to wait 30 mins to get the car in the heat.
  • We faxed them all our documents prior to arrival they said they would need nothing else, then they asked for a copy of my credit card and they needed to charge it over the phone, just as we got the car so that was another delay.
  • After we got the car and sorted everything out the guy wanted us to drop him close to Terminal 1, which I thought wasn’t bad but it was unprofessional
  • The last part they told us we could drop the car off at Terminal 3, that was before we went to Dubai. When we were in Dubai they told us that we have to drop the Car in Terminal 1 and then get dropped off in Terminal 3 which was a major inconvenience and a huge waste of time.

The car was perfectly fine but the whole process was ridiculous and unprofessional, not something that I would expect from a professional rental company in Dubai. I have rented from these personal companies in Dubai before, they would get the car ready for you at the airport door, you sign off and take the car right away, this could be for any type of car, a regular Landcruiser or an German four door. I don’t think I will be using Sixt in Dubai again.

Bubyan Road Trip

The other day I was told about a new road that takes you to Bubyan Island so I thought to just drive over there, just get into the car and drive. I looked on Google maps and all I had to take was 6th ring road all the way, and I forgot that directions in Kuwait now works, a few roads off here and there but overall it works. 117 KM to Bubyan Bridge, I honestly want to cross to see whats on that Island, its huge and I never heard anything about it so I thought to check it out, never knew why I didn’t before.

Saturday early morning we got into the car, filled it up with gas and took a few bottles water and pass Starbucks on the way. The drive is about 2 hours to the location we had in mind and I think I got caught by two speeding cameras on the way but I’m not sure of what speed it registered since I was going around 135 and they don’t usually snap at that speed. After passing Jahra it turns into an empty road and I get very surprised there is a new stretch of road that has just been finished.

Next to the new stretch of road is the Sheikh Sabah Nature Reserve, and I don’t know what exactly is in it but there were a few interesting sights. Because of these roads and odd shaped exits I felt as if I was in Abu Dhabi, every 5 to 10 Kilometers there is an upper level round about that you could exit and go back around to go in the other direction and honestly its very cool, reminded me of roads in Spain or Italy.

We just kept on going until we hit the construction area and we hit a few major bumps but luckily I was in the land cruiser and it did an amazing job of taking those bumps. We ended up in the middle of no where and we found the bridge entrance as I was approaching a bunch of guys in military uniform step out of the shed only to tell me that we can’t cross the bridge, I thought to try my luck any even though I knew that nobody was really paying attention, I could have probably crossed if I drove through, but I didn’t want to risk getting shot for crossing a bridge. I hope that when its done it will be open to the public because it looks like it will be a lot of fun to drive over.

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Live Drive – Your Online Hard Drive

Everyone at this point has heard or is using DropBox, its so convenient and very simple to use with a lot of options, also its one of the least complicated sharing solutions. For a while I have been checking out LiveDrive since they have almost the same features but with a more bells and whistles, you get the option of 2TB or 5TB, and the back ups from your machine doesn’t count against your quote. The interesting thing is that the space loads up on your computer as a hard drive and you can do that across several machines Windows or Mac which is pretty cool. Currently I’m paying for the extra DropBox storage and I’m around 80% capacity, they other day I realized that I store a lot on DropBox and rarely take it off since I’m accessing it a lot from different machines. I would go with one of the home solutions which doesn’t have file restriction sizes like Box, and provides a lot more space then DropBox. For now DropBox is the best on the go solution and fantastic, but LiveDrive is when you need something for those huge files and flexibility to do what you want with them across multiple machines.

LiveDrive App Available For:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

For Home Services (Yearly Price)

  • 2 TB – $150
  • 5 TB – $250

For Business Services (Yearly Price)

  • 5TB – $500
  • 10TB – $1500

Link: LiveDrive

EVO Test Drive – 599 GTO

What a beautiful machine from Ferrar, the 599 GTO, and Chris Harris at EVO is the lucky guy that gets to test drive it. It is marketed as a pure race breed machine, a monster on the track and worth the price. As mentioned before all 599 of these cars have been pre-sold before production, and you can’t even get your hands on one at this point. I enjoy how Chris is driving at the 2:30 point and onwards, its a wild horse from Ferrari. He does go into the detail of describing his opinion of the car, but I don’t really care, I just care to see this beautiful machine in action.

Lexus LFA – Lease Now Buy Later


Now this is an interesting turn of events from Lexus, there has been a lot of buzz about the LFA. At $150’000 this is one of the most expensive vehicles from Lexus yet, but a limited production of 500 will be made, sold, and delivered by January 2011. What usually happens with high end limited cars such as these is that a few by them to drive, and many buy them to drive up the prices and make a profit over the mark up. What Lexus is doing so that dealerships don’t have the usually excuse for equipment and training to mark up prices, they are providing for the specialized training for special mechanics, and provide the equipment free of charge to those specific dealerships who are authorized to sell the LFA. Now for the interesting part, Lexus will not be selling the LFA outright, they will lease them for 2 years and give you a buy out option later. This is meant to discourage those companies or individuals who buy limited quantity machines such as the LFA and try to sell them at ridiculous profit, making it difficult to transfer the machine to another owner, if this works other supercar manufacturers will follow suit.

Link: Autoblog

Torrent Peak

I always try to organize my downloads, and they do get organized once I have finished my downloads. And that lasts a maximum of a day or two, then things get messed up once again when I add to the download list. I have been downloading a lot of anime these days, and I always download the latest HD movies out there, no matter how old. Another issue I’m facing right now is my torrent uploads, I have to leave my torrents on to keep my ratio up, and it has reached the point where my hard drive has gotten filled without me noticing it. So I have a few porblems now, my files are all messed up and need reorganization, and now my main hard drive is filled up and it only has 7.95 GB left from 698 GB (750 GB Drive).

HD Movies I’m downloading:

  • Batman Begins 1080P
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles 720P
  • Be King Rewing 720P
  • Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 720P
  • Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark 720P
  • HULK 1080P

Drive Spacio

I have been looking for a simple piece of software such as this for some time now. I have a very good idea what files are taking up space but this software puts the drives and folders in perspective, you can keep drilling down into folders and subfolders, giving you nice pie charts or bar charts. One of the drawbacks is that you can’t open the folder directly from the software, you would have to go through explorer. Just a useful tool to give you perspective on your drives.

Link: LifeHacker (Freeware)