Rio’s Drug War

This has been in the news recently, the slums of Rio are filled with Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers, and it has been like that over a decade now. Now it seems the Government has decided to do something about it and they are going in Full Force with the police and military. If the drug dealers and gangsters dont surrender its a shoot to kill situation, completely cleaning out the slums. In the past the police couldn’t take a step into the slums without getting killed but not they are cleaning things up in the worst of the slums, and there are many slums around Rio. This is probably because the World cup is going to be in Brazil in 2014 and I think the Olympics, and a lot has been written about this insane military action, and I think its good they are taking out the bad guys and its sad innocent people are caught in the crossfire but it should have been done probably a long time ago. I picked a few pictures which tell the story, but click the link to BigPicture below to get a lot of amazing and graphic pictures.

Link: BigPicture

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Mexico’s Drug War

I read up on this every once in a while, but these pictures are eerie and amazing at the same time. You always hear people say pictures are worth a thousand words, I think these pictures speak a lot about the Drug War. This is one amazing photographer or photographers who took these pictures, check out the link for more pictures.

Link: TheBigPicture

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