Dubai 48 Hours

Meetings nonstop for all these days, but luckily they were all bunched up in the morning. Surprisingly Dubai was pretty packed for Gitex, and I’m assuming that its going to be even more insanely packed during Eid holiday. The weather has been amazing while we are here, somewhat cool and warm at the same time. I tried watching a few movies in my free time but there wasn’t too much of that either, but we did walk a lot while we were here. The first day we got here we passed by Dubai Autodrome and saw a few entertaining things, I’m not a big fan of the Autodrome since the track is a bit on the small side with not enough straight aways to push the car into high speed corners.

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View From The Top

This the view from our balcony looking down, I just couldn’t get enough of it. The weather was perfect while sitting out in the balcony you feel a cool wind hitting you. They really knew what they were doing when they created this whole project, this is real smart development on their end, they created something to look at internally while its only man made. The whole huge fountain area is man made with the Bellagio type dancing fountain, which is the biggest in the world. The view is perfect when looking down, you see The Palace Old Town to the Left, Dubai Mall to your right, and Burj Khalifa right in front of you. The best part is walking around there and so many restaurants to choose from. We were there for 48 hours, I flew in later on the Wataniya Airways 7:00 am flight and left the next day at 11 pm back to Kuwait. The best part is that you never really have to leave the area, so many things to do and so many places to choose from to eat in. Plus we managed to see a lot of movies which was the best part of the trip, a movie marathon in 48 hours.

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Hobby Center in Dubai Mall

I have been passing by Dubai Mall constantly over the past couple of trips to Dubai, and I have never seen this Hobby Center on the third floor. And I spell it “Center” because the other way is just wrong. The place is huge in comparison to a lot of Hobby Shops I have seen, MyToyCo in Kuwait is really nice but this is just something else. They have every kind of machine can imagine helicopters, trucks, buggies, sports cars, planes, speed boats, tanks, and even semi-trucks with trailers. That doesn’t even include the number of models they have laying around. You have a choice of gasoline or electric machines, there is even a plane which is bigger then me hanging on the wall and you can find items ranging from 100KD all the way to 6000KD or even more. They have a huge selection and professional staff, spare parts, and a ton of accessories.

When I was inside I had a strong urge to buy a Speed Boat and RC Truck but I decided not to with what common sense I had left at the time. The kid in me was jumping for joy, I wanted to take one of those cars right out into the mall and start sliding around and drifting. There was one Tamiya truck which looked really cool but I decided not to get it since it was big and I didn’t have anywhere to put it, and I didn’t want to carry it with me since it would be a burden. But their selection is amazing, and if you have any interest then you should seriously go there, it was amazing and really got me thinking about getting a simple RC Truck. The speed boat was pretty cool but the guy said it had to be driven in ocean water since these little machines are basically like bullets on water and would be destroyed within seconds in a pool. I visited there twice in one day and I couldn’t get enough of it!

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Break @ FatBurger

Knowing that I was on a diet and I would take one break day, I knew it would be the day I would eat a Fatburger burger. I walked 1 km around the mall to get the Fatburger shop, knowing that I was in for a very good burger. There was a decent line as usual, just a few people deciding what they want with their burgers.

I ordered one Double Fatburger with cheese, no pickles, no tomato, another Regular Fatburger with the same items, and regular fries. I wanted to have coke but decided on water only, at least I would stick to one thing. That Double Fatburger disappeared from my hands with a few bites, it tasted so fresh and easy to eat that I wanted to eat the next and all the fries. It looking like a scene from the Cookie Monster, my hands and face were smeared with mustard and ketchup, I couldn’t give a damn how messy it got but I loved the taste and being full again. After cleaning up we went to the movie and we were very relaxed and full. The surprising part for me was that I felt like I was going to explode, as if I ate too much, it seems my stomach has shrunk and I wasn’t aware that this has happened from cutting back on food, previously I would be able to eat that without a second thought and maybe a third burger as well, next time I will just have that Double Fatburger with fries and that’s it.

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3 in 1 Day


After a long week and one annoying meeting I had to attend in Dubai, I decided to take one small break which would take place on Friday. Met up with my cousin in Dubai while he was there with his family we decided to have a movie day on Friday, all day. Came in late Thursday night, the plane to Dubai was packed and so was the plane to Beirut, in the Wataniya Airways Lounge in Kuwait I kept saying hello to people. As soon as I landed I headed straight to The Address Downtown Dubai, which was also filled with Kuwaities. Had a light dinner and passed out, I knew I had a lot I wanted to do the next day.

We had a full day planned out which worked out perfectly, I wanted to try out the Chinese Restaurant in The Address called HAKUMU but I didn’t have a chance

Simple Full Day:

  • 2:00 pm Fat Burger Lunch
  • Walking Around
  • 3:40 pm Green Zone – Platinum Cinema
  • Going to Bookstore then Walking Around
  • 6:45 pm Shutter Island
  • 9:30 pm Dinner @ Japengo
  • 11:10 pm Avatar (For the second time and loved it)

I tried sticking to the diet, I had just a little too much food but didn’t have any soda. I will make up for this week but taking a break one day isn’t bad. After all that we passed out around 3:30 am but a very satisfying and fun day, we never had to leave the mall.


I kept hearing from my cousin and a few others about Fatburger so I decided to try it out while in Dubai. Its located in Dubai Mall on the basement floor towards the end, its a ridiculously long walk to it but really worth it. When I walked up the staff had an American trainer and it turns out this is the first time it opens outside the Middle East. There menu is simple but you get a lot of items to add or remove from the burger, there was a guy from the states telling the people working there how to cook and how to talk to people.

I ordered one Fatburger Double and Chilli Cheese Fries while my friend ordered a regular Fatburger. It looked good, it look fresh and at the end it tasted as good as it looks. It wasn’t oily or heavy at all, after I was done with the burger I felt that it wasn’t enough, I was done with it quickly, so I ordered another one to satisfy my hunger. That was a damn good burger, it tasted fresh, and it didn’t feel heavy at all once you are done with the meal.

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Dubai and Back

This was one hell of a quick trip, we were going to have some fun and enjoy the premiere of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. We flew out on Wataniya round 9 am, 10 guys, carrying very little, just a few back packs and I had my camera. Landed headed out to the bus we had booked which turned out to be a school bus and a disaster, so we canceled the bus and were laughing our heads off, this is the beginning of a funny day trip.

Lunch at Meat Company with the best Rib Eye I have had in a little while, Meat Co never disappoints. After our meal we headed straight to Mall of the Emirates to walk around before going to the movie theater. We had 10 Gold Class seats booked and it is honestly one of the most comfortable seats in any movie theater I have been to and many can agree to that. 2 hours and 30 minutes later I was still excited from the movie, and we are keeping to a schedule.

We head to Dubai mall and decided to split up and go in different directions, to meet up at the main entrance an hour and half later to head to the airport and check in. We walked past the aquarium and I spent a good hour at Kinokuniya bookstore and I bought some very odd books this time around, some were comic books, some were anime illustration books, and some were just plain different.

We took off to the airport around 10:15 pm to check in and we made it relatively quickly. We checked into Wataniya Airlines and they were a bit in shock to find so many energetic guys all together and want to be seated together. One note, never take the exit seats or Row 8 on any of Wataniyas Airbus A320s because those seats can’t move and the arm rests are solid pieces so they annoy your legs. By 1am we were home and about to pass out, what a ridiculously fun trip and booking well ahead you can get the ticket for 45 KD.

The Kinokuniya Bookstore Dubai

I kept hearing rumors about this bookstores, whispers from different people about its size. I went to Dubai Mall for the main purpose of visiting this bookstore, and after walking around for about 15 minutes and making a quick stop at the aquarium, we found it on the second floor towards the back end.

Kinokuniya is about the biggest bookstore I have ever seen, there is no end to this bookstore. If you have any inclination towards books then you MUST visit this bookstore. They also have the most organized magazine section I have ever seen in my life, and a very large selection of magazines, very easily navigated, you can find what your looking for since they are organized by interest.

Now for the different sections, as many know Kinkuniya is a Japanese chain which has locations in different locations in the world. The best part is since they are from a Japanese company they have a large manga section which I spent over an hour there, and then there were some statues/models which are on sale and some had reasonable prices, but the Ironman model that I was looking at was over 150 KD so I wasn’t to keen about the price, but the display is just amazing for all the different models.

I am a man of very different tastes for books, I like all kinds but not all kinds of books. I like Crime Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic, Biographies, Comic Relief, Economic, Business, and a few others. Basically what ever grabs my interest while I’m reading at the bookstore. Some books just seem so dull, and some are amazing. When I walked into the bookstore I couldn’t help but walk out with so many different books. All the different sections of books were ample in size and very easy to navigate, I bought some books that I have seen before but didn’t bother reading. There aren’t any couches that I remember but I just read in the sections. So many books, so many choices, we literally spent over three hours there before we started feeling hungry and that wasn’t enough.

Then there was the security who were hounding me, I was literally running around the place dodging these guys and taking pictures. Since I’m a paying customer I’m going to take some damn pictures. What is it about these places that they wouldn’t want you taking pictures, I don’t understand the mentality behind it, but it never really has stopped me. I just put the camera down and start taking pictures at odd angles with the camera. All I can say is that every person should visit this bookstore, I know that I will be going as much as possible when I will be in Dubai.

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Dubai Mall

On my recent visit to Dubai I had a chance after the seminar to go to Dubai Mall, I was hungry but I decided to go. It is located close to Burj Dubai so it isn’t too far away, about 20 minutes if you are staying in Jumeirah.

There is multiple entrances to this humungous buidling, seriously when you think they can’t make them any bigger they always do. We went in from the nice with all the nice Jewelery shops, I had to walk up to the help desk clerk to ask where the book store was and they directed me. It is three floors of stores and there is one HUGE aquarium in the middle which caught my interest.

There is one thing you notice about the mall, there are so many screens. All over the place for advertising, signs, and just digital playback everywhere.

I walked up to the aquarium and it is really cool, better then even Atlantis’s Aquarium. There were so many different stingrays, sharks (big ones too), and a few other interesting fish. I didn’t have a chance to go inside the aquarium since I was hungry but it looked amazing from the outside.

Kept on walking around, and you notice how they organized the stores. Who wouldn’t enjoy walking around when the stores are organized, and it isn’t long stretches as much as the same type of stores being above or below you.

There were a lot of interesting stores around, I even found a Canon store which I enjoyed but they didn’t have all the products I wanted to check out from Canon. Then there was the bookstore which I will be posting about at a later point.

Only 700 out of 1200 stores are open, and I didn’t even manage to walk the whole thing yet. A lot of restaurants have yet to open and there is no cinema in the mall yet, I’m not sure if one is planned to open there. Next time when I have more time I’m going to take a better look at the place.

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