Out For a Ride

I have been wanting to ride for a few weeks now, I have had a strange build up of energy and I needed to ride. I haven’t had a chance, things keep popping up and I kept making excuses. After work I told my family I’m heading out changed, got on the Ducati and took off like a bat out of hell. I didn’t care that it was a bit hot, but it was cool enough that I could keep my legs from burning if I’m on the move. I had an updated iPod and some good music to listen too, I took the seaside from Bida’a all the way to the first ring road.

I was riding a bit aggressively and I knew it, I just had this hunger for riding and I wanted to feel every rev and I could feel every time I was pushing my luck and my heart would thump hard. I tried to calm down and be sensible but there isn’t too much sensibility with powerful V-Twin and thrill hungry rider. After a while I got most of it out of my system and I was enjoying the smooth curves and traffic was picking up. I headed to Shuweikh for a quick test drive but that’s another story but that was a lot of fun. Riding is like rediscovering a side of you, something focused, fast thinking, and I was really concentrating. I wanted to ride by myself so I could ride the way I wanted, slow when I wanted and insanely fast at other times. I got home relaxed and happy I got it out of me, but I want to ride again and soon, this heat is creeping up on us very quickly.

(All pictures taken with the Google Nexus One)

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Ducati Street Fighter Coming

A piece of art on two wheels, I’m one person that loves my 1098s, there is a connection between man and machine. This beautiful creation is landing in Kuwait soon, I think there are a lot of people who are excited to see it, and I’m one who is excited to ride it. The picture have slowly been popping up online, I really want to see it on the Tristar show room floor and I know its probably going to disappear very quickly off the showroom floor because of people’s interest in it and I can’t say I blame them.

2009 Ducati 1198 – Confirmed

The rumors having been going about the forums and at long last it has been confirmed.  Since Ducati had such a great year most people thought they would make a few minor changes and keep them going, but it is something a lot of people will be surprised to hear.

All the new machines will have the 1198 motor which is currently in the 1098R, the current 1098 pumps out about 160 bhp and the 1098R about 180 bhp, for the standard 2009 1098 it will be around 170bhp with the new engine. An all around price increase of $500 for all the machines including 848, but except for the 1098S and 1098R which will remain the same. There might be a slight facelift and some weight loss in the plan for the supersports as well.

There will be the introduction of the Monster 1100 in the standard version and the S (Ohlins Suspension) Version.  Also a new machine which is a blend between the Hypermotard and the Monster will be unveiled with the 2007 1098 engine implanted but designed for a more torque oriented adventure. Ducati is keeping it going strong into 2009 with their new machines, I don’t know what to expect from them next.

Link: HFLMag

Refreshing Ride

I haven’t been able to ride for over a month now due to the orange sand storms we have been having recently. The last week and a bit I have been tempted to go riding, but I haven’t had the chance. Monichum has been running his errands or going to the gym at night for the last couple of days. I had one thing to do before riding, so I headed towards TriStar, I wanted to check something.

I haven’t been on my 1098S for a while now, but Pyro started right up. I rode like a demon to the showroom, I think its because I missed riding so much. With a twin like the Ducati you feel a little heat between your legs, but its worth it because I was having so much fun. I was having fun and being a bit reckless, but I calmed down after a bit. There is nothing I love more then the torque of a V-twin coming out of a corner. After Tristar me and monichum had something cool to drink before heading home, there isn’t a lot of riding we can do at night during a work week. The one thing I get annoyed with is trying to take good pictures at night, I would need a tripod and I can’t really carry a tripod with me in my back pack.

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