Dusty Ride

A Sandstorm came in just as the weekend was about to start, and I was hoping it would clear up just before Friday morning. I woke up around 5:45 AM to see that it was still hanging in the air, I was hoping it would clear up and by 7 AM it cleared up a bit and I headed out. We were just a few riders heading out and the roads were empty, as if we have been invaded by Zombies, nobody was out on the street, it seems the dust kept people in.

We were 3 vetren riders and one new guy to join the group so we were a bit slow in the beginning but we started pushing on the corners, but we tried to take it easy because of the dust, we didn’t want to slip while riding but still we were enjoying ourselves and the empty roads. I just detailed my bike the other day so all this dust was driving me nuts, but it wasn’t going to stop me riding.

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52 Hours

Since coming back from work on Thursday I haven’t really left the house except for a few things that needed to get done, and some work on Friday morning. Overall there was no reason to leave the house, the weather has been very strange the past week. It has been and getting dustier at different times of the day, I wonder when this is going to change. Even if its hot I wanted to go riding over the weekend but it was still damn dusty. The heat isn’t the problem, the main problem is that dust, it turns the road into a slip and slide situation. I just hope we are done with all this dust, I’m looking forward to a change. Over the weekend I just caught up with my shows, watched a lot of anime, and was reading a good book.

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