Los Angeles – Places To Eat – 2013


There were too many good places to try out while in Los Angeles, and sometimes you don’t have all the time needed to check them all out but this is a few of the places that we went to and the food was amazing at all of them, all depends what you are looking for and honestly it was hard not to stuff myself every time we went to these places.



  • BOA – Amazing Steak Place On Sunset Blvd – The Japanese Wagyu beef was amazing
  • Lala’s Argentine Grill – On Melrose Place – Pure Argentinian Grilling, Meat At Its Finest, If you love steak you will love this place
  • Umami – Amazing Burger Joint – Simple menu, don’t miss the Bub Burger or Truffle Burger
  • Il Postaio – Amazing Italian off of Canon Drive in Beverly Hills – Casual, I went and ate there in bike gear
  • The Apple Pan – Greasy Burger Place – If you love Burgers you will love this place
  • Via Veneto – The best Italian place on Venice Beach, you can’t miss this place it really is amazing, a unique type of Italian, not your usual and we loved it.



  • Toast – Amazing menu, lots to choose from and great outside seating, best on Sunday Brunch
  • Joan’s On 3rd Cafe – Great selection of sandwiches and great seating indoors, cafe & marketplace


Of course we passed by In&Out because everyone keeps asking if we did, but for me that place is just a bit over hyped and I had one next to my apartment for years so there are other burger places that I prefer, but for a quick burger it does the job.


Baked – The Cookies

I’m not one usually for deserts but a friend sent over the “Baked” cookies and said they are amazing. I wasn’t too crazy about them since I’m not the biggest cookie person and before futoor everything smells good, but I won’t lie I took a wiff of it when I opened the container and its torture during the Ramadan. In the bucket there are two kinds of cookies, chocolate chip cookies and brownie filled chocolate chip cookies.

It smelled really good but I thought I would leave judgment until after futoor and I’m a diet so I will only have one of each. Late at night after finishing with the family rounds I had a piece of each and they were heavenly, but thats not the final judgement. My almost two year old nephew came wobbling in when we saw me eating and just kept saying “Abi Abi Abi”, so I gave him a piece of the cookie, he then walked away as he was chewing on it. 20 seconds later he comes back smiling saying “Abi Abi Abi” and reaching up, so the cookies are just good, they have made me the favorite of my nephew for that night. I know I will be ordering them when I have a chance. To Order Just called Baked @ 97771791

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Pigging Out


There are days when the diet goes out the window, and there has to be a level of moderation but in my case that went out the window. This long weekend we all met up at the shalaih, filled up the HDs full of tv shows and movies to watch while staying in and in the water during the day.

At night we were bbqing some burgers and hot dogs, and they were damn good. But that isn’t the bad part, we had one of our friends, we will call him “The Ferret” who went and picked up some sweets for us and they picked up some dessert for us. In the form of 2 dozen Krispy Kream doughnuts and 2 dozen Hardeez Cookies, and I stuffed myself silly with those cookies and doughnuts. I just had this strange urge to have more and more, the cookies just tasted that good and the doughnuts were great too. But later on I didn’t feel that great about it, I wish I didn’t have that many. I check myself on the weight, turns out I gained 1.8 Kgs in just one day which I plan on losing this week.

A Few Days in London

I was in London for about a week visiting family and getting a few things done. The weather was fantastic between 12C and 18C, sunny most of the days and no rain. I enjoyed walking around outside, and I would have Chinese food at the Phoenix Palace when ever I have a chance after a good walk. I would take my backpack, play my iPod and walk around with my camera snapping pictures and just walking in any direction.

I usually have a pattern when I go to London, a few places I visit and a few places I eat. For movies its usually in the Piccadilly Circus area with Odeon, Vue, Empire and Apollo Cinemas all within walking distance and lots of movies to choose from. I watched a lot of movies this time around, even though I wanted to watch some more I had to do a few other things. One of the places that I visited for the first time was Forbidden Planet which was a really interesting store, selling all types of models from movies, comics, and tv shows as well as an interesting library in the basement, it is a movie/tv/comic fan’s dream shop with so much to see and buy. I didn’t buy anything but I did enjoy walking around and looking at all the different models they have, and they have an online store which has a lot of items as well. I had to visit Waterstones book store to check out a few books and I did pick up a few, I think I have too many books piling up, I have a few laying on the ground and I can’t seem to find the right place to put them. I do enjoy going around London in those Black Cabs, I take them when ever I can, they usually have very interesting stories. New cabs seemed to have been introduced to London, they are now using Mercedes Vitto which is very nice van and it can seat 6 people and turn the required 25 feet turning radius as the current cabs by enabling steering in both the front and rear for a better turning radius, this is an addition to the normal cabs but I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture of one.

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Food Pattern

I have been eating at unhealthy pace for past couple of weeks. You know your not feeling well when you get that feeling at the end of the night, you feel a bit over-stuffed. I felt good the other day when I had a decent lunch and a couple of mangos for dinner, I know that mangos are not the healthiest fruit but still better then any other fried food I had in mind.

I know what I have to get moving these days while the weather is cool. My goal is to walk about 2-3 kilos a day, every day for the next couple of weeks and that will get me going, then I plan on hitting the gym. Walking isn’t a hard start, but thinking about following a difficult routine at the gym from the start isn’t really going to happen and I probably won’t go back again for a while if that happens. So I start off a bit slow

Food Mess Up

My feeding pattern in the states and returning to Kuwait has been rollercoaster of every type of food that comes to mind. There is so much to eat in the states, and I ate most of it or what ever that could fit. I tried to keep active which I was successful for some time but towards the end I wavered. Recently in Kuwait things have a bit hectic on my end so I eat at odd times and I don’t think of food until I am extremely hungry, and its usually late. When I do eat the first thing that happens is that I fall asleep where ever I am, I am thankful for having the ability to sleep anywhere, literally anywhere.

I’m going to try to shape up again, I know I gained some weight but I’m still in the minus from before so instead of losing 12 KGs, I gained 4 KGs so technically I still lost 8 KGs. Its funny when I justify things to myself, I’m happy at least knowing that I can drop it now but I have to stick to it like I did before, and that I am planning to do.

What I have been eating recently in Kuwait:

  • Chicken Machboos
  • Laham Machoos
  • Mawash Laham
  • Mawash Emrabian (Shrimp)
  • McDonalds
  • Shawara Dahiat Abdullah Al Salem (Damn Good)
  • Maki (A lot of Sushi)
  • Chinese Food
  • A few other things that I forgot

Did I gain weight? Yes
Am I going to lose it? I’m crossing my fingers