Breakfast @ The St.Regis

Breakfast of kings! I’m not usually one to have breakfast, but their breakfast and room service was something else. Even the breakfast at the buffet was fantastic and tasted amazing. I’m usually the type of person who looks forward to lunch but this breakfast couldn’t be resisted. Perfect scrambled eggs with the chicken sausages, then the amazing tasty fruit. I’m not much of a coffee drinker but those who drank it said it was very refreshing. The buffet is very good as well with a variety of foods to choose from, and I had a really good omelette with bell peppers and cheese. I always judge the hotel by room service, and in this case the St.Regis set a new standard.

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Breakfast of Kings

Woke up early in the morning, and my meeting was three hours later. I went over some of the finer points regarding the agenda, and went through some paperwork. 30 minutes and I was hungry, I ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, some chicken sausages and beef bacon. 20 minutes I heard a knock on my door, and I could smell the food. As soon as I removed the cover it looked better then I expected and tasted even better. A meal fit for a King.

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Earlybird In the Morning

I was feeling like some scrambled eggs and sausages, so I decided to go to Earlybird early friday morning. I was hungry in the morning so I knew I was going to enjoy my meal. The best part is the drive to Fahaheel that early in the morning, the roads are empty and clear making it a lot more fun while listening to the right music. Suprisingly around 8:00 am the place was full and we only had one table available.

We ordered our food and within 10 minutes we had our meals, my friend had pancakes and I was having scrambled eggs and beef bacon. It was very tasty just as last time, and headed home.

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A Good Breakfast

I woke up really early in the morning so I had some time but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wake right away when I’m hungry, if I’m hungry I can’t doze back off to sleep. So after some thought this was the breakfast I had in mind, usually I don’t eat this type of breakfast but I was hungry and decided to indulge my appetite.

I do love ketchup with with my scrambled eggs and toast, and having the hot dogs made it perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better to start the morning while watching a few episodes of anime.

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