2014 Ducati


There is always interest in what Ducati has lined up and in this case the leaked pictures are off the Panigale 899. Double sided swing arms, lower spec brakes and suspension from the 1199 but still going to be an interesting addition to the Ducati line up. Supposedly this is to be announced next week while they might have something else lined up for EICMA in November, that will be exciting.

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2011 Ducati DIAVEL & Video

The final images of the Ducati Diavel have been revealed, and its one hell of a beauty. It comes in two versions the Diavel and the Diavel Carbon, the Carbon having more carbon fiber pieces and Marchesini rims which makes it lighter then the base model. The Ducati Diavel is packing a 162hp Testastretta 11º engine, 94 lbs•ft of torque, 456lbs (carbon) / 463lbs (base), radial brakes, ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire, and three riding modes. Based on previous assumption I think the base will be going for 4800 KWD and the Carbon will be around 5700 KWD, that is also assuming where it fits in the Ducati line up but I could be wrong of course. They managed to get that cruiser handling with Ducati charactiristics even though it a 240mm wide rear tire. I think this is one beautiful looking machine from Ducati.

The Ducati Diavel Carbon comes in either “red carbon” or “black carbon”, referring to the color of the paint on the trellis frame. Both versions of the Diavel Carbon will have black forged Marchesini wheels, which shed 5.5lbs off the Ducati Diavel’s base mass. The Carbon will also get Marzocchi forks, whose low-friction diamond-like-coating adds even more blackout to the hotness. Both bikes will get the full Ducati electronics package, which includes Ducati Traction Control (DTC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), rider-by-wire throttle control, keyless ignition, and rider-selectable riding modes.

The tank-mounted TFT display shows bike information such as the current riding mode, gear selection, DTC settings, etc. The TFT display senses the ambient light and choses whether or not to invert the display coloring to aid in daytime/nighttime reading. When stationary the secondary display also handles tuning the traction control and ride-by-wirse settings.

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Ducati Diavel Pricing

So we have a bit of a glimpse of the pricing expected for the Ducati Diavel, you can expect two available types. One is the is the base type and the other is the Carbon version. The Ducati Diavel will start with an MSRP base price of $16,995, while the up-market carbon version will hit the wallet with an MSRP of $19,995. Rumored to make around 165hp, the Diavel is based off the same Testastretta 11º motor as the Ducati Multistrada 1200, and weighs 456lbs according to Ducati. Ducati has also revealed that the Diavel will come with variable riding modes, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. So about 4800 to 5700 KWD, but I’m assuming it will probably sell around 5500 to 6500 KWD based on my past experience of Kuwait’s pricing model, I still think that its a thing of beauty. From the other details they say that the Shock will be mount to the swing arm so you can’t see it in this rear picture below. Then you have to factor in the Termignoni exhaust system which will cost another arm and leg, I can’t wait to see this machine. Only one week left until it is revealed in EICMA.


Ducati Diavel – At Last


This machine which has been eluding me for months has finally come out. This is the last sneak peak shot of the Ducati cruiser which is to be unveiled in EICMA in November which is just around the corner. I love the lines and the exhaust around their standard single sided swing arm, I know that there is probably more to it when we see it in November but I’m enjoying that Ducati is playing Hide & Seek with this bike acting as if they don’t see people taking these amateurish pictures so I know its going look even better when it comes out. I love that it’s a cruiser yet still has that sporty Ducati look with a single seat. I can even picture getting it fixed up to sound loud and mean, going fast down the road. I’m in love with this bike!

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Ducati Mega Monster

Now more details of this Mega Monster is coming out, and it keeps looking better and beter. With the Multistrada engine, trellis frame, and single sided swing arm this is a very good Ducati performance cruiser. With the Multistrada 1200cc v-twin engine we are talking about 150 bhp engine, and the rear tire looks massive at a about 240. That prototype picture looks hideous so I’m hoping that its just to throw people off and looks just as good as the paper. But its official the bike will be unveiled at the EICMA November 2010, which is only a few months away, hopefully it will be on sale right away.

EICMA 2009 – Line Up


KTM RC8-R RedBull Eidtion
EICMA is the motorcycle show that takes place in Milan Italy, and I for one do enjoy when they unveil new machines. These are some of the machines that look interesting. First off is the KTM RC8-R Red Bull Edition, this machine looks damn nice and it has some performance upgrades to go with the look so its a little bit peppier then the rest.


BMW Concept 6
Now this is an interesting machine from BMW, its a 6-Cylinder concept meant to be for touring but it looks more like a semi-naked sports bike that I wouldn’t mind trying. Others were mentioning it as a cafe-racer and that seat does look appetizing, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over that machine.


Ducati 848 Dark
This is the same as the 749 & 748, the evolution now takes place with the 848 and surprisingly this is a lower cost then the regular 848 even though I think it looks better. At least they would gain more of a crowd with this machine, it does look mean and I do like it.
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Just when I think that KTM made a great machine with the RC8 and I’m loving, they turn around and make another monster. They are really full of surprises, and especially with the KTM RC8 R.

Its been bored from 1148cc to 1195cc and tweaked to produce 180 bhp with the racing kit. With its orange-black-and-white paintjob, high-spec fully adjustable WP suspension, Brembo brakes,light weight cast aluminium wheels, and a dry weight of 183 KG.

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